How travel can help you relieve stress and succeed

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We all at some point in life have wanted to pack our bags and just set out on a vacation. But those travel plans always get pushed to a later date because of busy work schedules and sometimes financial commitments. Here is the thing – you don’t always need exotic vacations to de-stress. A simple drive to your hometown or a short weekend trip (either alone or with friends) can do the trick! Travel is said to refresh your brain cells and induce happy positive thoughts in your mind. This helps you think of your life purpose and also...

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GoodWorkLabs CEO meets Google India MD – Rajan Anandan

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Today was one of those awe-inspiring moments! Vishwas Mudagal, the CEO of GoodWorkLabs had the honor to meet and interact with Rajan Anandan, MD and Vice President of Google India at the certified developer agency meet in Bangalore.   Earlier in Feb 2017, GoodWorkLabs was recognized as one of the top six Google developer agencies in India. In this exclusive meeting, GoodWorkLabs along with the other developer agencies got the privilege to be part of Google’s mission of on-boarding a million users on the Internet. In the recent...

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How to find your true passion?

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How do you find your true passion?  How do you know what excites you or what you are good at? The only way to know this is by experimenting! But when you experiment, you need to be ready to fail. You need to be ready to pick yourself up, learn things and move on with your next journey. People are going to talk about you, discourage you and even ridicule you. You need to be SHAMELESS! You shouldn’t care what others say or do. Focus on experiments and keep moving forward. That’s the only way to find your passion, your true love and...

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How Social Media can affect your life

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In a world where social media has become a medium of expression, you slowly start questioning the credibility of the information shared on it. Imagine scrolling through pictures of your friends taking an exotic vacation while you are busy meeting deadlines at work. Slowly, you start questioning and comparing your life based on the illusions you see on social media. Without even realizing it, you seem to become negative about your own life and achievements just because you see some cool stuff shared by your friends on facebook or instagram....

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Why it is necessary to stay relevant in the Workforce

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Do you still think that number of years of experience is a reflection of your abilities and knowledge? Unfortunately, the job market today gives importance to professionals who are enthusiastic and have a “get-things-done” attitude. Years of experience don’t matter much in comparison to an individuals energy and passion for his career. This sudden shift in the hiring attitude has caused some tension in the middle management positions of most companies. They constantly face the fear of replacement if they fail to up-skill and...

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How to stay motivated when you get fired!

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There has been so much chaos after tech giants such as Wipro, Cognizant and many others announced mass layoff of employees for lean management and cost cutting measures. Losing a job can be traumatic and very devastating for an individual. Imagine drowning in a well of financial worries such as house loans, education loans, supporting a family etc. It is natural to feel sad and dejected, but is this the way to deal with this unfortunate situation? Vishwas Mudagal, a well known motivational speaker, shares his views on this subject and tells...

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Bloggers meet at GoodWorks CoWork

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Last week, Vishwas caught up with some of the tech bloggers in Bangalore where he unveiled some exciting news about his new venture – GoodWorks CoWork. Apart from being a best selling author, Vishwas is also an Entrepreneur by passion. He never hesitates to explore new avenues and in this bloggers meet, he wanted to talk about his new co-working initiative in Bangalore. The journey of GoodWorks CoWork: GoodWorks CoWork is a design inspired co-working studio located in Whitefield, Bangalore. After having set up a successful million...

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How to get Motivated to do Great Things!

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Vishwas has always been able to move people’s heart through his inspirational talks. But ever wondered what really motivates him and keeps him on his toes? Recently, we asked him how he manages to keep himself so positive and how he draws inspiration to plan and achieve his goals.. this is what he had to say – “The last time I visited my parents’ house, my eyes fell on this quote written on a tiny metallic plate - As far as I remember, this quote was always kept on top of our television set since I was a child. I am...

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Vishwas Mudagal turns Angel Investor in 2017

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I have decided to do something new in 2017! Every year, we tend to start a new journey. Some are conscious, deliberate and well-planned, and some are uncharted, unplanned, or just plain reckless. Some of these plans become successful, some valuable learning, some great experiences, some sour incidents and some just fleeting time we forget. But put them together, they define who you are currently and who you are about to become. In 2009, I experimented with storytelling without any prior experience of writing a novel. After n-number of...

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Vishwas Mudagal at the Bangalore BizLit Fest 2016

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The second edition of the Bangalore BizLit Fest was hosted on the 17th of September at the IIM Bangalore campus. The event celebrated the growth and acceptance of business literature and saw prominent business writers from around the country attend and speak to promote the cause of business literature. Author of Losing My Religion and renowned motivational speaker, Vishwas Mudagal was invited to the Bangalore BizLit Fest to be a part of an expert panel that discussed Entrepreneurship Literature and the future of business literature in India....

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