Author Of #1 National Best-selling Novel

Losing My Religion

Vishwas Mudagal’s debut novel is now a sensational best-seller. A blockbuster novel that you will never forget!

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Vishwas Mudagal – Best-Selling Author

Vishwas Mudagal is the author of the No.1 best-selling novel Losing My Religionwhich was launched in 2014 and went on to become a sensation across India and the world with a huge and devoted following.  His book is now translated into Hindi and Kannada. With the success & popularity of his debut novel, Vishwas has etched his place among the top authors in India.

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Vishwas Mudagal – Leading Entrepreneur in India

Vishwas Mudagal is a leading serial entrepreneur, angel investor and a CEO with a history of building innovative technology brands and companies. He is currently the CEO and co-founder of GoodWorkLabs—one of the fastest growing technology firms in the industry, which helps global companies, start ups and entrepreneurs build high-end software products (be it mobile apps, games or software products) and succeed in the technology market.

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Vishwas Mudagal – Top Motivational Speaker In India

Vishwas Mudagal is recognized as one of the top motivational speakers in India. Having spoken at numerous corporate events, college fests, conventions and literary festivals across India and the world, including the popular TEDx talks, he is currently one of the most popular inspirational and motivational speakers in India.

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Mitchell Levy, Thought Leader, CEO of THiNKaha, San Francisco

“A befitting must-read for the youth of today…”

Dan Seligson, Novelist & Entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley, San Francisco

‘The game of life is the riddle gamer and developer Rishi Rai tries to crack in a cross India romp from Bangalore to Himachal Pradesh and on to Goa and Karnataka. Each is delivered in a fishbowl for our delectation in novelist Vishwas Mudagal’s bromance between Rishi and Haight-Asbury hippie Alex as Rishi battles his own demons, first finding meaning only in burnout-prone obsessions, and then holding life at arm’s length until a girl straightens him out’

Sarika Singh, attendee for motivational speaking session

“Vishwas Mudagal is by far the most amazing motivational speaker in India I have ever heard. His experiences, his style of speech delivery, his aura and his ups & downs have changed my life. I have become his biggest fan, not only because of his speech but also because of his novel Losing My Religion.”

Pankaj Advani, world champion, billiards and snooker

“A grand debut by Vishwas Mudagal, a writer to watch out for. An exciting read!”

Mallika Sarabhai, renowned classical dancer, actress, social activist, Padma Bhushan awardee

‘An interesting debut novel about the youth. A good read!’

Zafri Mudasser Nofil, Press Trust of India (PTI)

“Vishwas Mudagal redefines the nuances of gaming and reality show in his debut novel which is a gripping tale of how to overcome setbacks and seize opportunities to reach the top”

Shweta Kukreja, reader

“LMR is a gripping novel with a different and straightforward story. As is typical of most Indian writers nowadays, they use fancy/intriguing titles, but when you read the book, it’s a disappointment. LMR is different in that aspect. I like the way it has been told. And I just loved the Malana bit!”

CN Ramachandran, author, critic, Sahitya Akademi award winner

“Vishwas Mudagal has narrated the story in an interesting, racy, and dramatic manner. It is full of unexpected turns and twists, and maintains suspense till the end. It is bound to become very popular!”

Rohit Nallapeta, Founder and CEO,, San Francisco

“Good storytelling, matured handling of a handsome narrative/plot…a very passionate read” – praise for Vishwas Mudagal, best-selling author in India.

Aditi Mahajan, reader

From rib-tickling humour to a sizzling love story to a thrilling good versus evil battle . . . Losing My Religion has got all the ingredients to keep one engrossed!