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Themes In ‘Losing My Religion’

LMR journeys through an eclectic set of themes and topics that find an instant connect with the youth of today. Here are a few…


Themes - gamingLMR is one of the first mainstream books in India to have gaming protagonists. The book traces the life of a gaming entrepreneur who sets forth to revolutionize the gaming industry with his iconoclastic approach.

Besides this, the book also covers a never-before-seen Mortal Kombat gaming championship in a Goan casino that forms the backdrop for the whirlwind romance between gamers Rishi and Kyra. But not before they face eachother in the spectacular Mortal Kombat championship? Who will win: Rishi or Kyra?



travelThe best way to learn and un-learn life.

When Rishi, an ambitious Bangalore-based entrepreneur, meets Alex, a weird American hippie-pothead, a journey of a lifetime is about to unravel. And it gets a jetpack when they meet Kyra, a mysterious, beautiful gamer.

LMR covers a host of intriguing places in India which have never been written about before. Be it Malana (the mysterious village in Himalayas), Om Beach (the secluded weed haven and once-upon-a-time nude beach on the west coast of India) or Haridwar (the Kumbh Mela), LMR takes you on a journey you wouldn’t have imagined possible, and makes it all the more endearing and gripping with the twists and turns in the lives of its protagonists.



entrepreneurshipThe world is run by Entrepreneurs. They make it what it is by toiling against all odds to make their vision a reality. Entrepreneurs are, indeed, different beasts.

LMR is the story of one such gritty young entrepreneur who never gives up or gives in. The book provides a glimpse into what goes on in an entrepreneur’s life—the pains, the glory, the happiness, the inner fight, the external fight, everything. There will always be a Losing My Religion moment in every entrepreneur’s life, a moment when they lose belief in their belief, when they lose faith in their vision, or when it is impossible to execute it further. But the tough ones eventually rise, after every fall, reinventing themselves.

When Rishi goes bankrupt with his gaming company, he calls it quits and goes on an unplanned journey with a stranger. But does he bounce back ever? And if he does, then how?

One of the visions of the author (who is a serial entrepreneur himself) is to create thousands of entrepreneurs in India to fuel the country’s growth to the next level, and LMR is a step towards making entrepreneurship a career option in India. A step that is unique and which exposes the youth to business and entrepreneurship in an entertaining way.



kumb-melaLMR presents an interesting and unique ‘never-before-seen’ take on Kumbh Mela: that of business!

Maha Kumbh Mela is by far the holiest of all Hindu events. A spectacular religious affair that goes on for four months, it is the largest peaceful gathering of humans on the planet, with over a hundred million people and sadhus visiting the town.

Business worth millions takes place in the Kumbh, and it’s one of the toughest places to scale up a business. Rishi ends up becoming a millionaire in the Kumbh Mela. How does he do that? What does he sell? And why does he start a business in the Kumbh of all places?



malana‘Yes, maraaz, yes. Jo rang dikhte hain, kamaal ki cheez hoti hai, by god se. Dream, reality. No idea remains. Only Malana Cream . . . waah waah! Have charas sutta,’ Ram Singh urged again.

Malana, a mysterious village hidden in the Himalayas, has captured the attention of the world but has never been written about before in a mainstream novel. LMR tells a fascinating and adventurous account of Rishi and Alex’s adventure in the village.

The Indian Shangri-la is a two thousand-year-old civilization that is cut off from the world, doesn’t follow Indian laws and regulations, and treats outsiders as untouchables. It is believed that the descendants of Greek Emperor Alexander’s soldiers, who were too tired to go back to Greece after their epic journey and battles in India, inhabit the hamlet. But that’s not all. Malana is famous for one more thing—Malana Cream. The tiny village is known for growing the best charas in the world. Something that leads to very interesting consequences in the story.What do Rishi and Alex do in Malana to earn the wrath of the Malanis? Can they get out of the grip of Manala Cream, which they call the Dark Mother?

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