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Every year, we tend to start a new journey. Some are conscious, deliberate and well-planned, and some are uncharted, unplanned, or just plain reckless. Some of these plans become successful, some valuable learning, some great experiences, some sour incidents and some just fleeting time we forget. But put them together, they define who you are currently and who you are about to become.

In 2009, I experimented with storytelling without any prior experience of writing a novel. After n-number of rejections, my novel ‘Losing My Religion’ was finally published in 2014 and went on to become a No.1 best-seller. My decision to be shameless and experiment with writing changed me forever.

In 2013, Sonia and I started GoodWorkLabs, an IT product company and design studio. (FYI – Sonia Sharma is my partner in life, my co-founder and my strength.) We didn’t have anything with us then, no funding, no cushion to fall back on, no safety net in case we fail. It was a do or die situation. But what we had was a wealth of knowledge and experience, and a vision to change the world with technology. Today, we are a multi-million-dollar company, growing at 500% year-on-year & ranked 5th fastest growing in India in 2016. The products that we have built for our clients are today being used by 60+ million people globally. Had Sonia and I gotten afraid and not taken the step to start our company, we wouldn’t have been in this position of strength today.

One thing I have realized by all these events is that you have to ‘care a damn’ about the negativity in the world and do something new that excites and drives you, every once in a while. You have to constantly reinvent yourself, else you will be irrelevant to this world. In the process, you need to add value to everyone and make this world a better place.

Now, I have decided to do something new…

I have decided to become an Angel Investor. Sonia and I will invest in 3 promising startups that have a ‘real’ business/revenue model and growth potential. We will invest anywhere between Rs.25 lacs to Rs. 1 crore depending on the need.

The money is just one of the benefits; the startups will have us as their pillars of strength, access to our valuable network, our clients and partners at GoodWorkLabs, free office space for as long as they want, help with technology and design, PR/marketing and of course mentorship! We are excited about being part of innovative and energetic teams and adding value!

If you are a startup or want to refer someone, please message me. Also, share it with people who might benefit.

Let’s start something new!


Vishwas Mudagal

If you have a startup idea that can make a difference and is worth investing in, please send us a message

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