Motivational Videos

Log Kya Kahenge?

Often in life, we avoid doing the things we love because of the fear of being judged by society. Why should those “4 people” control your life?

5 Steps to create a Winning Team

Should you choose Attitude or Should you choose Skills? Remember, the first 2 hires will go on to define the culture of your company

97% People FAIL because of this Myth

We all are all bound by the rules of the society and often fall prey to social dogmas. Watch this video to find out how societal pressure can stop us from succeeding in life.

How George Clooney turned his idea into a $1 billion company!

For 10 years, George Clooney didn’t know that his passion would one day become a $1 billion dollar worth company. It is high time you pay attention to the things you do!

Starting your company with Friends? Be aware of these Consequences!

Starting a company with your friends? It can be either a boon or a bane! While your best friend can be the perfect co-founder for your business, there are certain things you need to do in order to keep your friendship safe and business working.

I Hate my Job and I Want to Quit!

Do you feel like you are under valued at your work place? Do you feel like quitting your job because of a horrible boss? Before you give up, just watch this video!


Should I Work for a Startup or an MNC?

Have two job offers in hand but don’t know which route to take? In this video, Vishwas Mudagal tells you how to make the best choice for your career based on your personality and work habits

 Don’t make this mistake when you Startup

When you Startup it is important that you focus on building a solid working business model and not sweat about raising funds. Watch this video to know more about the mistake you need to avoid when you Startup


How to master the art of multitasking with detachment

It can be very easy to lose focus from your goals and find your mind drift away in doing other things. In this video, learn how to master the art of multitasking by being detached


You are limitless and You can do Anything!

This world is brutal. At every point in life, people are going to tell you that you aren’t good enough and that you CAN NEVER achieve your dreams! Don’t listen to that voice – Fight! Believe in Yourself.


How to get hired after a Career Break

Taking a career break is not a sin, but do you have a solid plan to return to the workforce? Watch this video & learn how to successfully overcome a career gap.


Failure is NOT the end.. It is just the Beginning!

Life will give you many situations where you begin to doubt yourself and your inner strengths. You may even fail a hundred times, but always remember, your failures just put you on the path to eternal glory!

Be Shameless and Follow your passion!

Never live a life of regrets and don’t let a “What If” haunt you for a lifetime! Just be shameless and experiment! Don’t worry if you would fail or succeed.

Learn Leadership the RIGHT way!

Whatever you are doing in your life today, you can become a leader. In this video, Vishwas shares an easy yet powerful hack that will help you develop leadership skills in an effective way. No one is a born leader, you just become one!

Why you should STOP chasing Success

Wonder why only some people manage to become successful in their life and career? That is because they do just ONE thing different from you! In this video, Vishwas Mudagal spills the beans on the how you can re-align your life goals so that you can triumph through all your life struggles.

How to Stay Positive after a Layoff | #AskVishwas Series

A MUST WATCH video for anyone who is going through a tough time in their career or a lay off!! You have the power to turn your career breakdown into a positive experience!  Tons of professionals have asked the same question repeatedly – ‘How to deal with layoff or a tough career phase?’ In this video, Vishwas shares some thought provoking insights on how you can turn your adversity into a great learning experience.

Why You Should Start CoWorking Now | GoodWorks CoWork | #Ask Vishwas

CoWorking is changing the way how people work and interact. Its all about building connections that last forever. It is an opportunity for you to collaborate and learn from others, and who knows, you might end up finding the right team for your Startup when you Cowork! I am inviting startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and MNCs included to become a part of our growing community. We are building an awesome community at our coworking space at Whitefield, Bangalore.

Visit us for a day and see the difference that GoodWorks CoWork can make to your business!


Have a Career or Business Problem | #AskVishwas

Have you hit a slump in your career? Do you think you are not ready to take the plunge of being an entrepreneur? Or are you just struggling with failures and want some positive vibes to help you see the road ahead? Just shoot out your questions to Vishwas in the comments section or reach out to him on Social media and he will help you get through this rough patch.


Congratulations! You Failed | Vishwas Mudagal | TEDx Talk, SIBM Bengaluru

Is failure too bad as it seems? “No. It brings forth an opportunity to disrupt yourself,” says Vishwas Mudagal. From bankrupt to becoming a CEO in the span of 24 hours, watch Vishwas Mudagal delivering an inspiring talk on Tedx and sharing his success mantra- failure! Hear the true story which brings his heart out as he speaks about his life experiences! Get inspired and get motivated!

Lessons to Learn from Starting-up a company

Catch Vishwas Mudagal, author of national bestselling novel ‘Losing My Religion’ and CEO at GoodWorkLabs talks about the most important lessons he learned from his entrepreneurial journey. Learn the tricks and trade of entrepreneurship.

Vishwas Mudagal’s inspiring talk at Goa Arts & Literary Festival 2014

Best-selling author of the hit novel ‘Losing My Religion’, Vishwas Mudagal spoke at the Goa Arts & Literary Fest 2014 on the circumstances in which he wrote his debut novel. From bankruptcy to successful CEO to best-selling author, hear about the incident that changed his life. Watch this video to get pumped up and to make the best out of your mistakes and lessons learnt.