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Congratulations! You Failed | Vishwas Mudagal | TEDx Talk, SIBM Bengaluru

Is failure too bad as it seems? “No. It brings forth an opportunity to disrupt yourself,” says Vishwas Mudagal. From bankrupt to becoming a CEO in the span of 24 hours, watch Vishwas Mudagal delivering an inspiring talk on Tedx and sharing his success mantra- failure! Hear the true story which brings his heart out as he speaks about his life experiences! Get inspired and get motivated!


Lessons to Learn from Starting-up a company

Catch Vishwas Mudagal, author of national bestselling novel ‘Losing My Religion’ and CEO at GoodWorkLabs talks about the most important lessons he learned from his entrepreneurial journey. Learn the tricks and trade of entrepreneurship.


Vishwas Mudagal’s inspiring talk at Goa Arts & Literary Festival 2014

Best-selling author of the hit novel ‘Losing My Religion’, Vishwas Mudagal spoke at the Goa Arts & Literary Fest 2014 on the circumstances in which he wrote his debut novel. From bankruptcy to successful CEO to best-selling author, hear about the incident that changed his life. Watch this video to get pumped up and to make the best out of your mistakes and lessons learnt.