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Superstitions overpowering you?

Do you still turn around if a black cat crosses the road?

Do you get angry when someone sneezes just before you are about to do something?

In this post, Vishwas Mudagal shares how such blind faith can affect your career choices and professional life.

I have known a sales executive who wore the same shirt for all important business meetings. He believed it brought him luck.

I have had a friend who attended job interviews only on even numbered dates.

I have had a recruiter colleague who used a particular cabin to conduct interviews to get maximum candidates shortlisted.

I have known an entrepreneur who changed his office twice because he strongly believed those offices weren’t ‘lucky’ enough.

The list will go on… In between all the idiosyncrasies and tiny little OCDs, we tend to forget the most critical factor–‘YOU.’

YOU are the one who makes or breaks the luck. That favorite shirt of yours is not bringing you luck. You are bringing the luck to that shirt!

You do that by virtue of your ambitions, hard work, and smart work. Don’t let your mind play these little games with you. They will start small but if you feed them, they will turn into monsters & pull you down, while the world around you will leap ahead.

You cannot let them become your weakness. Have that kind of attitude that says-‘I’m the luck!’ Luck will go to any object you associate yourself with. Be the LUCK MAKER. Because you truly are. You just need to believe in it.

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