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Best-selling author of ‘Losing My Religion’ Vishwas Mudagal wrote an article on CNN IBNLive on what it takes to become a successful person, especially in the context of 2016! Here are the excerpts –

How then can one emerge as a winner by becoming a doer rather than ending up a talker? Can 2016 be different for you? Yes, it can. Let’s try to follow few simple and basic steps…

Identify whether you are a talker or a doer

All said and done, who am I? A talker or a doer? Here’s a very practical approach to finding where you stand currently.
Try maintaining two lists:
• To-do list
• Done list
Keep adding your tasks—be it work related, personal, hobbies, extra-curricular activities, and whatever it is that you wish to do. Tasks could be completing a book that you always wanted to finish, or taking time out to take your parents for a nice dinner, or coming up with a new product idea for your company, or meeting a deadline at office. It’s important to note that the items on your done list are far more valuable than the items in your to-do list, because they are not done yet, and until things don’t get done they have zero value.
You are a doer if more and more tasks are getting done on a weekly basis. You are a talker if you see your to-do list is getting bulkier. Now, it’s your choice as to who you want to become; the balance between your to-do list and done list is your yardstick to measure yourself. Before jumping into any conclusion whether this will work or not, try it yourself for a few weeks!

Do what you love and love what you do

One critical ingredient of being a doer is motivation. That’s exactly why it’s important to work for a cause, a job or an idea that you love. Else you tend to get demotivated sooner or later, and end up as a talker. Perhaps you always wanted to do something in your life but never had the guts or an opportunity to do so. Be it going for a world tour, or starting your new venture—2016 could be your year. But only if you decide to stop talking and starting doing! Just do it, silly!

Remember what our original gangsta Tuca told us in the cult movie The Good, the Bad and the Ugly— “When you have to shoot. Shoot. Don’t talk.” Turns out, Tuco was telling the truth.

Author talk on CNN IBN

Fight your way through, one step at a time

Here’s one thing about the so-called glorified success—it doesn’t come easy or cheap or quick. Unfortunately, there is a no short cut and as a doer, you are bound to fail on your path to achieve your goals. That’s a guarantee. So what is one supposed to do?

The best way to deal with failure or setback is to learn from it and move on. Don’t be afraid. Fear is an illusion in your mind, it’s not real. Failure teaches you how not to screw up things the next time, pay attention. Be practical, you need to know what feedback is good for you and what is not. Try to understand why you failed and correct yourself. Don’t repeat your mistakes, else you are doomed.

Remember, everyday is a new beginning. When you wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror, ask yourself the question—Are you charged enough to take on the world today? The answer should be yes. A YES! Else tell yourself that you won’t let yourself go down without a fight. Fight back, one punch at a time, one step at a time. And you will reach your goal.

Be Shameless. Care a damn about what others think or say

Wherever you go, surrounding you are the talkers (or other people around you) trying to take you down by undermining what you do and who you are, misleading you, taking credit for what you do, or simply by not understanding you and your intentions. Talkers are the majority in most places you go, unless your company or team has a culture of nurturing quality, innovation, passion and transparency. (This is the kind of culture you need to foster around you.)

The best way to deal with them is by not focusing on them, but by focusing on your task at hand. Let your work do the talking for you, and soon you will see all the petty politics will fade away in the light of your honesty and sincerity. Be smart, do not alienate people by arguing with them or trying to prove them wrong. That is not your job! Your job is to focus on your tasks and do it better than anyone else in the world.

Lastly, be shameless. The world has always ridiculed people who did great things, but later adored them for what they accomplished. Let them say or think whatever they wish, but you continue to tread your path. Period.

Believe in yourself

Believe you are going to do great things, and you will one day do great things. Believe you are special. Believe you can change the world. Never for once doubt yourself or your abilities. Everything you ever wanted to become is in-built in you, you just haven’t discovered it yet or not nurtured it yet. Hard work is the key to manifest the best in you, there is no substitute for it. When you believe in yourself, you will get the courage to follow your path no matter how hard it is. Try to enjoy the journey, for success is not a destination, it is a journey.
The key to success in 2016 and in the years to follow lies in your hand and mind. Become a Doer and get rid of the Talker in you. Everything will fall in place if you continue to do what you love to do and not despair in the face of fear or failure. You are a born winner! Just believe in it and shine like a crazy diamond!

Read the complete story on CNN IBN here.


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