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A few days ago, the internet went berserk with Apple co-founder Steve Woznaik’s remark that ‘Indian education system lacks creativity.’

Here is what Vishwas Mudagal has to say about this situation:

A majority of India is stuck in an archaic education system that rewards getting good marks by knowing concepts & not by fostering creativity and talent.

Do we have any column to judge our creativity in marks cards? No!

Are you given orientation to what all wonderful things you could do in life? No! You are thrust into the system to earn & survive. You are never prepared to explore & innovate.

Are you told ‘it’s okay to fail because when you aim high, you are bound to fail’?

Are you rewarded for your approach to solve a problem rather than the results? No!

Does that mean, there is no creativity in India? Of course, there is!

But only a tiny percentage of so-called rebels break out of the rut to pursue their dreams in entrepreneurship, art, science, literature, cinema, wildlife, etc.

The question is not whether we lack creativity, Indians are an immensely creative folk. But the question is how to scale the right attitude that every kid in India starts dreaming of making this world a better place rather than dreaming of getting 99% in exams. 


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