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I got reminded of The Elephant & The Rope story when a senior professional told me why he was unable to upgrade himself to compete with youngsters.

Let me tell this story that has much to teach.

A child was going on a safari & to his surprise saw huge elephants tied with small ropes. A mahout stood holding just a stick. ‘These elephants could uproot an entire tree or smash humans to pulp in a second. Then why are they not escaping a simple rope?’ he asked the mahout. ‘That’s because when they were small, we tied them with bigger ropes.

Their minds got conditioned that it was impossible to break the ropes. As they grew, we reduced the size of ropes but they never tried to escape,’ said the mahout, smiling. WE are these elephants tied with ropes our education system & society put on us.

We were conditioned to not break the status quo or do something different. We weren’t allowed to take risks or dream big. We were put in chains from the beginning & we stopped trying.

Bottomline-Don’t be chained by limitations in your mind. They were limitations of others that were thrust upon you.

Dare to challenge them. Dare to imagine the impossible & pursue it.

Dare to fail. Get out of your comfort zone. Dare to pick yourself up & move ahead again.

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