How George Clooney turned his Idea into a $1 Billion Company | Motivational Video

Posted by on Feb 23, 2018 in Business, Entrepreneurship

For 9 years, George Clooney didn’t know that a simple idea would one day become a $1 billion dollar company.

Watch the 5th episode of #AskVishwas Show on several examples of how successful companies were started.

Is there a set formula to come up with a winning idea for your startup? Or is it just accidental?

This talk was in response to Indraneel Majumdar’s question on ‘What clicks between the co-founders to create a winning company? Is it the idea itself or is it the camaraderie or are they bored to start something new & exciting? What is that one thing that makes it click and takes them to success?’

Such a relevant question in today’s time and this video clears all your doubts on how to identify that “Eureka moment” and start up your own business.

It is high time you pay attention to the things you do!