I had to grow a beard to convince people | Entrepreneur Motivation

Posted by on Apr 2, 2018 in Entrepreneurship, Motivation

As a young CEO, I had to grow a beard to overcome my discomfort of dealing with people double my age! In this new segment of theĀ #AskVishwas Show called Honest Confessions, I speak about fun trivia in my journey as an entrepreneur and share some entrepreneur motivation doze!

I have been a #CEO for practically most of my career since I was 18. But if you ask me what was one of the biggest entrepreneurial challenges till date? You will be surprised – it was actually my age!

Take a look at this video and let me know if you can correlate with me?

Remember – no matter how arduous or hectic your work is going to be, you still got to find humor in between all that madness. What’s life without fun?