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Do you feel like you are not reaching your true potential because of the societal pressure and other mental stigmas?

In the 4th episode of the #AskVishwas Show, Vishwas Mudagal takes you through a short yet inspirational monkey story that will make you re-think your life decisions.

Right from the inception, society has set rigid rules and definitions about success. 97% people end up failing because of they end up following this strict manual book. It is time to break free and use the power of your mind.

In this post, Vishwas Mudagal shares an interesting story of 5 monkeys who rightly summarize the current state of affairs with our society.
Scientists put five monkeys in a cage with a branch of bananas tied to the ceiling. They couldn’t reach it no matter how hard they tried.
Scientists then introduced a ladder. The minute monkeys climbed the ladder to grab the bananas; they deliberately showered cold water. The monkeys wondered why it happened. Soon they realized that everytime they went to pluck bananas, they were being punished by spraying cold water.
It became a rule not to touch the bananas, else the punishment was guaranteed. However, scientists had stopped spraying cold water on them.
They then replaced one monkey with a new monkey. The new monkey tried to grab bananas. Immediately, other 4 monkeys beat him black & blue. He was beaten everytime he attempted. He had no knowledge about the shower punishment, but he had to follow rules.
The experiment continued by replacing one old monkey with a new monkey. Every time the new monkey was beaten up by others whenever it tried grabbing bananas.
Soon, all the old monkeys were gone, all monkeys inside the cage were new. None of them had any clue of cold-water punishment or why they were not allowed to touch the ladder but they became the guardians of the rule that bananas cannot be eaten.
This is the situation with our society right now. Most rules & beliefs are not made for our generation. But we have become the guardians of those outdated rules. We are too afraid to change those rules.
So, think before you follow rules. It’s time to change them for good!

Find out how 3% of the people manage to succeed and challenge the society.

It is time to break the myths and take control of your life! Hope this motivational video helps you find the courage to take risks instead of blindly following the rules.

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