Reader Review: How ‘Losing My Religion’ Changed My View On Success

Posted by on Oct 25, 2017 in Books

A reader reached out to Vishwas expressing how much she loved his debut novel. Here is what she had to say.

Losing my religion, when I got the book delivered, I wondered if it’s more on religion! But you conveyed a different meaning to the book which is exemplary! Your writing is certainly alluring; story is edging and keeps one intrigued. Your language is modern and not frivolous; the most important is the characters that are strong and something that most of us aspire to be one of the characters in life. My Most Fav line in the book is on Page 149 which states ‘’Desire to succeed ate me up and I stopped living’’ it gave a beautiful meaning & its Veracious to me in my present day life! It certainly changed my view of looking at success and not be obsessed with it..It’s a story of freedom, journey of life, love, dream, ambition, rivalry and everything you expect from a bestseller novel !!! Please go get this book and am sure each character will inspire you!


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