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The recently concluded RubyConf India 2010 was a phenomenal success. The event took place in Bangalore, India on 20-21 March. The response and the turnout at the event was great. The energy and the passion was palpable, it was a perfect forum for knowledge sharing and geek talks.

Castle Rock Research is happy and proud to have sponsored this conference. The conference has given the necessary push required to support Ruby and Open source community in India. Not only did we meet great Ruby aficionados, web developers and IT entrepreneurs across the globe, but also learned the latest trends, tools and innovation happening in the web and technology world. We hope to use the knowledge we gained from the conference in our products and solutions.

Silicon India reported that – Ola Bini (core committer on JRuby since 2006), Obie Fernandez (pioneering Rails developer and author of “The Rails Way”) and Brendan G. Lim (Director of Mobile Solutions at Intridea) and Pradeep Elankumar were some of the speakers. The highlight of the two day programme was the video call in which Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, the creator of Ruby, addressed the Ruby community in India. During his interactive session, Matz shared insightful ideas on what the future has in store for the Ruby language, interspersed with witty anecdotes on how he came to create and name the language. He also mentioned the work on the long awaited Ruby 2.0 would start in August. Glassfish evangelist Arun Gupta’s presentation on multiple web Ruby frameworks, and ThoughtWorker Sarah Taraporewalla’s talk titled “The Taming of the View” generated a burst of activity on Twitter.

Castle Rock was seen, heard and felt everywhere in the conference. We had a good presence with 15 of our employees attending the event and our brochures, t-shirts and banners portrayed our strong AGILE image.

Everybody at the conference wore the Castle Rock caps (which we gave away to delegates). The talks from Hemant and Neeraj (Castle Rock’s Ruby developers) were received very well. I did my bit by talking in support of the Ruby and Open Source community on behalf of the Technology and Innovation Fund.

Overall, it was a great show – both for Ruby Community and Castle Rock Research in India. We look forward to a better and a bigger conference next year.

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