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Did you know, sometimes your last-minute-stress-buster smoke could probably lead to an interview reject?

In this post, Vishwas Mudagal shares some interview advice and basic etiquettes to keep in mind before attending an interview.

Here’s a request to all the smokers. Don’t enter a cabin for an interview immediately after you smoke.

You may think it’s a non-issue & everyone around you might get comfortable with the smell you bring in, but I’m sorry to say you are wrong.

This post is in response to a question from a fresher. He asked, ‘I have a feeling I got rejected because I’m a smoker.

Because the interviewer asked me whether I smoke.’ I asked, ‘Did you smoke before you entered the cabin?’ ‘Yes, I had to smoke to calm myself down. I was a nervous wreck!’

I’m not going to give a moral science or healthcare lecture on the adverse effects of smoking. Or whether it’s justified to smoke to calm down. Or whether you should use a deodorant or not. That’s not my place & that’s your personal choice.

But if you are asking me a professional advice, I would say refrain from smoking just before you go into an interview. You might make the cabin smell like a cigarette factory & so many people cannot tolerate that.

It might just derail the whole interview process, leading to immediate dislike & rejection.

Remember, smoking kills – both your lungs and your chances of a job 🙂

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