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Someone once asked me, ‘What is the biggest hindrance to entrepreneurship?’

I replied that there are many but a key reason is home loans. He was surprised!

I’m sure you are equally surprised but I’ll explain the correlation.

From the time we enter a school in our childhood, we are told to get good marks in exams so that we end up in good colleges. Once we enter college, we are told to work towards getting a good campus placement. Once we get a job, it’s all about how much we earn versus what our peer group is earning.

Next, by the time you reach 22-23 years, your parents are behind your life to get married. Once you get married, they are after you to have a child. Once you have a child, they say, ‘No, one is not enough! Have a second one!’ In between all this, people ask you – ‘Do you have your own apartment?’ You say, ‘No!’ They will then make you realize you are worthless.

You then go & buy an apartment & get stuck with a huge loan+EMI. Your ability to take risks goes for a toss. Your dreams go out of the window.

Now, do you get the correlation?

Society has created a system to produce zombies, who are blindly following the rut. It’s time to break dogmas & do what you love. Find your passion, follow it. You have one life, make it worth it.

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