Have a Career or Business Problem? Ask Vishwas

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Get your career on track again | Motivation Tips I have received over 10 million views on my posts on social media in the last couple of months. The response has been just tremendous. I have enjoyed contributing tens of stories that foster positivity all around us. At the same time, I have learned so much from everyone, perhaps more than what I had imagined. I receive tons of messages on a daily basis, and I am trying my best to answer to everyone.   I want to take this opportunity to reach out to everyone who needs my help. Whether you have...

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Living in the present

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Yesterday is not ours to recover, but today is ours to win or lose. A simple yet elusive concept. You cannot change what has happened, or what is to come but you CAN change what you do now.  Here is what Vishwas Mudagal has to say on this issue: ‘I have made very bad decisions in my past. How do I correct them?’–this is the gist of a question I received from an executive. Here’s my take on this–Most people are stuck in the past or fixated on future, but never live their present. They complain about their past, blame their bad luck or others...

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Money Matters

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Money is a crucial component in the workforce but is it really worth accepting a job that you are not passionate about, simply because it pays more? Read more about Vishwas Mudagal’s views on how money is affecting the job market. Money is important while choosing a job offer. But is it the most critical aspect? It’s rather shocking to see professionals accepting offers just because someone offered Rs.20,000-30,000 ($400-500) per annum extra. This happens especially with candidates with experience below 4-5 years. This attitude is...

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What’s the deal with the “no-show” culture?

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This phenomenon is the grown up response alternative to ‘The dog ate my homework’. Clouding up the transparency that exists in the workplace, this trend is disrupting the values of professionalism. Read more about Vishwas Mudagal’s opinion on how this trend could negatively impact the job market. “The ‘no-show’ culture has become a dangerous trend. You make job offers to people and are expecting them to be onboard for critical projects. They promise you that they are serious about your offer & commit to join....

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Vishwas Mudagal at GMASA Bangalore 2017

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This year GMASA showcased a platform for app developers, marketers and managers along with executives from the most dynamic, future-oriented and innovative companies around the globe. The CEO of GoodWorkLabs, Vishwas Mudagal,  gave a keynote speech and shared his experiences in challenges faced by start-ups in 2017  during a panel discussion at this event. This year’s global mobile app event was held in the beautiful city of Bangalore for a two-day...

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The true value of Hard Work

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          If there is one aspect of your life you cannot escape, it is hard work. You can run and hide as much as you please, but nothing will bring you that sense of achievement, that realization of moving one step closer to your goals as much as hard work. Here is how the CEO of GoodWorkLabs, Vishwas Mudagal, feels about it. “‘Is hard work really important? Does it really pay?’ someone asked me on LinkedIn yesterday. My long & short answer for this question is YES. Hard work is really important & it...

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How do you deal with layoffs?

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In a world that’s rapidly evolving, there are bound to be a few side-effects, and layoffs are one of the major ones. Here are some valuable insights shared by Vishwas Mudagal. Before I give any suggestions, I want tell you that nothing comes easy in life for anyone. Nothing ever has, that’s the hard truth. Life is a long journey filled with ups & downs. But, no matter how huge the problem seems to be right now, it will end soon. Don’t panic, because when you are desperate, you make wrong decisions. I know it’s easier said than...

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Is the sky really the limit?

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Innovation is a driving agent in society today. Recently, Vishwas Mudagal offered his take on one of the most popular questions:  ‘How to innovate?’ In one of my talks at a college, a student asked me, ‘People keep talking about innovation. But tell me how do we innovate?’ Over the years, this fundamental question has been raised several times. Here’s my take- To innovate the first thing one needs to do is question the ‘status quo.’ This is the simple rule–ask questions. If you don’t...

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The Power of saying “No”

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“No”-A one syllable word that affects millions across the globe. Recently, Vishwas Mudagal shared the importance of this two-letter word in the workforce. People always underestimate the importance of saying ‘No.’ It’s a powerful word & showcases your courage & conviction in the values you believe in. You cannot be saying ‘Yes’ to everything anyone is going to ask you. I have seen this problem with so many people & companies. ‘Can you get this job done by this weekend?’ & the answer would be a 110% yes. Come Monday...

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Why is ‘Sports’ the best metaphor for Leadership?

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Sports and Leadership are more closely connected than most people would think. Have a glance at what Vishwas Mudagal responded with on this topic: ” ‘What’s the best way to teach leadership?’ I was asked by an entrepreneur after I delivered a keynote speech in an event. My answer left him a bit surprised. I told him ‘Sports’ is the most effective way to teach leadership, & in fact make someone a well-rounded person. Let me explain–No one is a born champion. Champions are made by toiling for years...

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