What’s more important? Happiness or Ambition| Motivation

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It is great to be ambitious but does that mean that you need to lose your mind and happiness over it? In this post, Vishwas Mudagal shares an honest perspective on how important it is to stay happy and focused at the same time. I’m a huge proponent of being ambitious. I believe each one of us should identify our true purpose in life & strive to achieve excellence in whatever path we choose. However, at the same time, it’s equally important to be happy. We must enjoy the journey of life & not halt the celebrations till we...

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How being married is the biggest advantage for Entrepreneurs | Life Hacks

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Interesting turn of events of how being married has become the biggest advantage for entrepreneurs! Recently, Vishwas Mudagal caught up with a  few entrepreneurs and a very pertinent question was raised – What’s the most important factor for entrepreneurs to take risks & succeed?’ This is what Vishwas had to say… Many aspects came up, but ultimately many 30+ year old entrepreneurs mentioned ‘marriage.’ I was surprised! Although I knew what the underlying reason was, I probed further. ‘My wife is...

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Should you add your Marital Status on a Resume? | Interview advice

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Many of us like to keep our personal and professional life poles apart. Recently, a candidate reached out to Vishwas for some interview advice on how important it is to share personal information such as marital status on a resume and below is what he has to say… Is it important to add your marital status on a resume?  Is it necessary to share your personal information with your employer? The answer is NO. A big NO. How does it matter to your prospective employer whether you are married or not? That’s your personal life and no one...

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5 Steps to create a Winning Team for your Company | Motivational Video

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What does it take to build a great team? Should you choose Attitude or should you choose Skills? Remember, the first 2 hires will go on to define the culture and the DNA of your company. In the 7th episode of the #AskVishwas Show, Vishwas Mudagal tells you how to build a winning team for your company in 5 simple steps!   We all want a rockstar team onboard our company who can help the company grow in terms of innovation and revenue. While you may look at many factors, by checking these 5 traits as mentioned in the above motivational...

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Does Indian Education System lack Creativity?

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A few days ago, the internet went berserk with Apple co-founder Steve Woznaik’s remark that ‘Indian education system lacks creativity.’ Here is what Vishwas Mudagal has to say about this situation: A majority of India is stuck in an archaic education system that rewards getting good marks by knowing concepts & not by fostering creativity and talent. Do we have any column to judge our creativity in marks cards? No! Are you given orientation to what all wonderful things you could do in life? No! You are thrust into the...

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How to politely communicate rejection to candidates | Hiring Advice

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The human mind is not trained to take “NO” for an answer and many of us are really bad at handling rejections. It gets worse when you are the one who has to do this insensitive job. In this post, Vishwas Mudagal shares some hiring advice on how to handle a typical recruiter’s dilemma on how to tell candidates that they are rejected. A recent conversation with a recruiter working in an MNC. ‘Vishwas, you mentioned both candidates & recruiters need to be professional. But the real problem is many candidates...

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Should you smoke before an Interview? | Interview Advice

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Did you know, sometimes your last-minute-stress-buster smoke could probably lead to an interview reject? In this post, Vishwas Mudagal shares some interview advice and basic etiquettes to keep in mind before attending an interview. Here’s a request to all the smokers. Don’t enter a cabin for an interview immediately after you smoke. You may think it’s a non-issue & everyone around you might get comfortable with the smell you bring in, but I’m sorry to say you are wrong. This post is in response to a question from a...

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Consequences of Starting up with Friends| Motivational Video

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Starting up with your friends can either be a boon or a bane. While your best friend can be the perfect co-founder for your business, there are certain things you need to do in order to keep your friendship safe and business working. The same holds good for family as well. Watch the 6th episode of #AskVishwas Show to know the do’s and dont’s when you decide to set up a business with your friends or family. Such a practical scenario, one that each one of us will face eventually if you ever decide to startup.   They say it is...

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Is it okay to talk about your previous Employer? | Interview Advice

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The answer to this simple question is NO! It is okay to talk about your roles and responsibilities at your previous workplace, but refrain from making derogatory comments about your previous employer In this post, Vishwas Mudagal shares some great interview advice to keep in mind: Never make derogatory remarks about your current or past employers in an interview. I have seen many professionals ranting about their current company when they go for job interviews. Some get personal by criticising managers/colleagues. Before you say anything...

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How George Clooney turned his Idea into a $1 Billion Company | Motivational Video

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For 9 years, George Clooney didn’t know that a simple idea would one day become a $1 billion dollar company. Watch the 5th episode of #AskVishwas Show on several examples of how successful companies were started. Is there a set formula to come up with a winning idea for your startup? Or is it just accidental? This talk was in response to Indraneel Majumdar’s question on ‘What clicks between the co-founders to create a winning company? Is it the idea itself or is it the camaraderie or are they bored to start something new &...

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