How To Pen A Best-Selling Novel? | Career Advice

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In this post, Vishwas shares a few secrets about his success as a writer. He advises young authors about the intricacies of being a writer. A journalist recently asked me ‘What is the best advice on writing that you’ve ever received?’ Many people have further asked me ‘How to pen a best-selling novel?’ Well, no one has given me any formal training in writing or storytelling. I evolved it on my own & to a large extent no one guided me until I had finished few versions of my book. (I have written 150+ drafts & 14...

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Why Candidates Should Not Be Judged Solely Based On Their Marks? | Career Advice

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In this post, Vishwas talks extensively on why candidates should not be judged solely based on their marks and educational achievements. There is a prevalent culture to look down upon candidates with bad grades. Recruiters & hiring managers have been using it as one of the easy measures to gauge the capability of candidates without even meeting them. Many argue that it actually works. But is this practice justified? If you step back & analyze, many Asian societies have measured the success of students through their marks. It’s...

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Why Genders Should Be Treated Equally From Childhood? | Life Advice

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In this post, Vishwas discusses the stand of society on the gender bias and why girls should be treated equally with bys right from their childhood. ‘They said girls cannot do what boys can do,’ told the little girl who studies in grade 2. It was a staring competition where opponents stare at each other’s eyes. Whoever blinks first loses. A boy passed this remark that girls cannot do it. She was hurt. Worse, she was confused. ‘Why did that boy say that?’ she asked her parents, who had done everything since her...

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Why A Common Language Is Necessary In A Team? | Career Advice

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Communication is an important part aspect of team building. A team that can converse freely with each other and can share ideas can only move forward every day and innovate. In this post, Vishwas talks about the ill effects of not having a common language in a team.  Speaking in a language that some of your team members don’t understand in a meeting is unacceptable. I have seen teams with majority people from a particular region often speak in their language, in spite of knowing not everyone understands it. This is not healthy for your...

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What Is The Key To Happiness? | Motivation

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Happiness is a term that is overrated and underrated at the same time in all our lives. Finding a key to everlasting happiness might be difficult and people rarely find it. In this post, Vishwas talks about his views on happiness and Einstein’s theory has affected his life. Einstein’s Theory of Happiness. Few days back, I read about the advice Einstein gave to a hotel messenger during his trip to Japan in 1922 on how to live a happy life. Apparently, he wrote it on a piece of paper & gave it as a tip because he didn’t...

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Why Notice Periods Are Critical In A Professional Career? | Career Advice

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You must take into account that your employer may be surprised or upset at you leaving, not to mention the possible headaches in replacing you that this may cause. Although the last thing that they will want is an uncommitted employee staying around too long, this must also be balanced on not leaving a team understaffed.  In this post, the critical aspects of your behavior during your notice period.   How you conduct yourself after you resign from an organization shows who you really are. I have seen many professionals over the years...

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Reader Review: How ‘Losing My Religion’ Changed My View On Success

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A reader reached out to Vishwas expressing how much she loved his debut novel. Here is what she had to say. Losing my religion, when I got the book delivered, I wondered if it’s more on religion! But you conveyed a different meaning to the book which is exemplary! Your writing is certainly alluring; story is edging and keeps one intrigued. Your language is modern and not frivolous; the most important is the characters that are strong and something that most of us aspire to be one of the characters in life. My Most Fav line in the book is on...

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Why Taking A Career Break Is Not A Sin? | Career Advice

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Career breaks do not need to be career enders. In fact, there are many out there who are thriving in their “second act.” A good career break takes some planning and a successful reentry takes determination. In this post, Vishwas talks about how taking a career break is not a sin. Taking a career break or sabbatical is not a sin. The culture of looking down on people with career gaps should stop. Period. Many have asked me to write about this topic, for they are facing discrimination inspite of having genuine reasons to take a break. This is...

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Why You Should Not Quit School & Pursue A Startup? | Career Advice

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History has shown us that the most successful startups are often led by school dropouts. However,  it does not show us the clear picture. The number of failures is much more compared to the rare successes. In this post, Vishwas talks about the same in a clear and concise manner. In a recent event, a student asked me whether it’s a good idea to drop out of college to pursue his startup ideas. He gave examples of Zuckerberg & Jobs. Recently, I received another message from a b-school student asking whether it’s justified to...

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Why You Shouldn’t Promise If You Cannot Commit? | Life Advice

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Promising someone and not keeping up to it is a sign of bad character. Instead, never promise something that you cannot live up to. Promises go a long way in keeping your self-esteem and the way people look at you. In this post, Vishwas talks at length about his view and actions.   Keeping your promises in tough times defines who you are as a person. For the last few years, our housemaid had been very dedicated to our family. She took care of us as if we were her own. She never really demanded anything from us, which is rare in...

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