Vishwas Mudagal Speaks at the Headstart X Event

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To mark the 10th anniversary of Headstart and also to celebrate its efforts of building a startup ecosystem to encourage entrepreneurship in India, Vishwas Mudagal was invited to co-host the “Art of Networking” session along with Shradha Sharma of YourStory. The session was mainly targetted to help both seasoned and new entrepreneurs learn the art of networking at any event without being too pushy. Most often, we see people circulate a pack full of business cards without even taking an effort to build a relationship first. Like...

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The Brilliant 5 Monkeys Story that You need to hear | Motivational Video

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Do you feel like you are not reaching your true potential because of the societal pressure and other mental stigmas? In the 4th episode of the #AskVishwas Show, Vishwas Mudagal takes you through a short yet inspirational monkey story that will make you re-think your life decisions. Right from the inception, society has set rigid rules and definitions about success. 97% people end up failing because of they end up following this strict manual book. It is time to break free and use the power of your mind. Find out how 3% of the people manage to...

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How to build a successful B2B product? | Business Advice

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Every budding Entrepreneur or Startup enthusiast has only one question – What is the key to building a successful B2B product? Before you start thinking along the lines of innovation, dive in deep into understanding customer pain points at a ground level In this post, Vishwas Mudagal, a serial entrepreneur himself, shares some insightful business advice on how you can master the art of building a successful B2B product. The best way to build a B2B product once you have studied a particular industry segment is to acquire a pilot...

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The Ask Vishwas LIVE | Events | Motivation

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Last Saturday, on 20th January we conducted the first LIVE session of Ask Vishwas where we had people from different walks of life come together in search for some inspiration to do great things. The event had professionals, students and also startup entrepreneurs and each one of them were given a chance to pour their heart out and seek Vishwas’s advice on various problems around career, business decisions, professional experience etc. The event was a great success and we plan to continue to do more of such events in the future too....

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I Hate my Job and want to Quit | Career Advise

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Off late, a lot of people have written to me about how frustrated they are with their job, reporting managers, work pressure etc and are totally demotivated to carry on. Do you find yourself in a similar situation at times? Well, being emotional is natural but letting emotions drive your decisions is not a good practice. In the heat of the moment, don’t end up making decisions that will lead to a downfall for your career. Through the Ask Vishwas video series, I take an honest dig at two important questions that most professionals are...

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Should I work for an MNC or a Startup | Career Advise

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Recently, someone asked me this very interesting question, and I decided to answer this through the Ask Vishwas video series that is targetted to help youngsters and business professionals make tough and mind-blogging decisions related to their career. Question: ‘I have two job offers in hand, one from an MNC and the other from a Startup. I am utterly confused about which one to choose,’ asked a young professional. To be honest, there is no right answer here. It completely depends on your personality. An MNC and a Startup are two different...

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How to attract investors for your Startup | Business Advice

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Have a startup idea but sweating about raising funds for your business? In this post, Vishwas Mudagal a serial entrepreneur who has built some successful startups from ground up gives you some thoughtful startup advice to help you get your engines running in the right direction. Everywhere I go, startup folks are usually talking about getting funded. It’s become an industry wide status symbol to raise funds. Media has played a huge role in this frenzy. This is sad state of affairs. You don’t start a business to get funded!...

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Vishwas Mudagal speaks at Mercedes Benz | Bangalore Events

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Recently, Mercedes Benz Research and Development India organized an event called Startup Generation. Vishwas Mudagal, CEO of GoodWorkLabs was invited as one of the key note speakers for the session where he delivered an engaging talk on building Startups, entrepreneurship and also the challenges that come with starting up. It was a truly engaging session with some key take aways. Here are some pictures from the...

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Vishwas Mudagal at Startup Master Class 2017 | Bangalore Events

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Young entrepreneurs who have a dream and vision to build something of their own most often meet a few challenges and obstacles in the way! At the Startup Master class, Vishwas Mudagal, a entrepreneur who has some successful startups under his belt, shared few insights on how it is important to realize your dream. It was a super fun and engaging event where young entrepreneurs and also students got some encouraging startup...

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Is your job title important? | Career Advice

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Is your designation at work stopping you from taking up more responsibility? Don’t let a designation determine your career growth and learning curve. Your experience of completing tasks and getting things done is the main determiner of your skill and growth. Read on to see what Vishwas Mudagal has to advice professionals who are stuck up on job titles and designations! Recently, a professional reached out to me for advice. ‘My designation is the same since two years. I feel stuck. What should I do?’ Designations are...

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