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YOU are the HERO of your story. Period.

Don’t let failures or society tell you how to realize your dreams. Own your dreams and only then will you be able to make wonders! Life is a series of ups and downs but don’t let that stop you from becoming the best version of yourself.

In this post, Vishwas Mudagal tells you to stay focused on your passion and not let society pressurize you into changing your definitions for success

Realising Dreams – People usually think it’s about success, becoming rich or famous.

But they are terribly wrong. In my opinion, realising dreams is all about following a path that you truly love & are passionate about Realising dreams is not a fixed point but a journey.

This journey would most definitely have ups & downs, tears & laughters, twists & turns. But that’s what’s going to make it fascinating, like an adventure! Not many understand this truth in life.

I didn’t either. I had to learn it the hard way. I faced many failures but was quick to realise that a path to bounce back was not to sweat about it but to fall in love with that journey itself. The only way you could continue realising your dreams is to find what you love and follow it.

Not to forget-Be good at it by chasing excellence! To find what you love, you must experiment.

Don’t care a damn about the world. You are not here to seek their approval.

You are here to write your story! Yes, you are the HERO of YOUR story!

Be focused on your journey, passion & learning. There is too much noise out there & it’s deafening. Don’t give others the right to define your success.

No ones gets to judge you, because this is your story & you will write it however damn well it pleases you!

Be the Hero.

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