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Are you going through a rough patch at work because of your boss?

Do you feel like you could do a better job if there was an opportunity to reverse roles? Then what’s stopping you? In this post, Vishwas Mudagal gives you a quick fix around this professional problem.

How to deal with an incompetent boss?

I got this question from a professional-“If a professional with good leadership qualities is directly working under a manager with very limited leadership qualities, how to deal with the situation?”

Well, this could be a serious challenge. One that many face in their careers. The best way to deal with this situation is to STEP UP!

Yes, this bad situation could be turned into a boon for your career by taking the helm. Incompetent managers cannot take good decisions, leaving you the room to fill that gap.

You can be proactive, start taking small but effective decisions for the good of the company. You can slowly win the trust of your peers, which would tell the boss/management that you are a star material

While doing all this, you need to keep your boss in the loop. Make him/her feel valued but still talk to them, even guide them in your area of expertise.

Become their key asset. This way you come out of this shining!

Next, if this doesn’t work, you have to speak with HR/management about it. If you have already shown leadership potential, you will get your own team.

No one wants to lose a star! If all this doesn’t work, you may have to change your team or even the job. There would be no other way.

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