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It was a usual evening when I came back from office and saw Narayana Murthy, Chairman of Infosys, sitting next to my dad sipping coffee in my very drawing room. I couldn’t believe my eyes – was that Narayana Murthy, my idol and inspiration, sitting in my house? The reply came YES! My dad was very calm and the usual himself, talking to him about my career progress, my company and my aims. Mr.Murthy was very impressed with me even before I sat next to him. The conversations between Mr.Murthy and me went on; we spoke the length and breadth of the business universe and more. I vividly remember discussing Bangalore’s pathetic infrastructure and Infosys. Throughout our conversation, I had a feeling that Murthy was impressed with me to the core.

When it came to Infosys, our discussions became intense. Murthy was explaining me about his plans for Infosys and I put forth my theories for these global outsourcing players. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, he popped a question – ‘Why don’t you join Infosys? We are starting a new BPO outfit and I want you to manage it.’ I couldn’t believe my ears and was pinching myself to confirm that it wasn’t a dream. I was so ecstatic that I said ‘No.’ I couldn’t believe myself again when I told that. Why the hell will I tell ‘No’ when a revolutionary businessman, who has put India on top of the world’s IT map, has considered me to lead a new business. I so wanted to say ‘Yes,’ but could not. The answer was ‘No’ again. I told Murthy that I have my own plans to revolutionize this world and I have to stick to it. I said ‘I am sorry.’ He was utterly disappointed and told me that it would be an opportunity of a lifetime. But still my answer was ‘No.’

Well, at this point of time we had stepped out of my house and we were heading towards the parking. Murthy had his arms around my shoulders. He tried in vain to convince me but finally gave up, saying that I could call upon him anytime. I didn’t know what was happening anymore – the whole thing seemed like a dream. But surprisingly it was not. I was so shocked and euphoric. I was thanking Murthy all the time. That’s when Murthy told me he will introduce me to his son. On a normal day, even meeting Murthy’s son would be a great deal. But, that day it was not, when I had met Murthy himself. Anyways, I turned back to talk to his son, who had just arrived, and I was totally zapped. The world was going nuts. There I could see none other than Abhishek Bachchan standing next to me. Yes, you read it right, it was Abhishek Bachchan. Now, it was getting too much and I was losing my patience. I had to wake up! Enough was enough! And I woke up.

Yeah… it was a dream! My fears came true…it was just a dream that you get when you sleep. I got up and called a friend and explained him the entire episode. Now you know how I remember this so vividly.

Well, I am a dreamer…and I dream a lot.
But off late, this has broken all limits. I think the cause was my lack of action towards my passion – Entrepreneurship. Well, to be honest, I was not away from entrepreneurship. I am at it all the time and have been an entrepreneur since the age of 19 (will write a post on my first entrepreneurial experience soon). But may be down the lane, things have gotten monotonous. The fact that all my dreams these days are about great entrepreneurs talking crazy things to me emphasizes another fact that I am going nuts. What my friends and I conclude from these manic episodes is that I have graduated to the second level of entrepreneurship. May be the time has come for me to take big steps. But, let’s keep that aside.

In my next post….I will tell you about my encounter with Lakshmi Mittal, the richest Indian and the President of the Board of Directors of Arcelor Mittal. Stay locked!

(I am crazy!… 😉 )

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