Why You Should Live Like There Is No Tomorrow? | Motivation

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Life can churn out twists and turns like a thriller novel on a daily basis. Being uncertain, life teaches us new lessons at every new frontier. Striking a delicate balance is the key towards a better life. In this post, Vishwas Mudagal shares his thoughts on the same.   I’m a huge proponent of being ambitious. I believe each one of us should identify our true purpose in life & strive to achieve excellence in whatever path we choose. However, at the same time,...

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Should Leadership be involved in Hiring? | Career Advice

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When you grow in the leadership role, you are most likely to face two situations Рeither you tend to lose ground level reality of what is happening at work or you hold on too tightly to every single issue. But sometimes, it is necessary to get your hands on solving certain issues irrespective of your designation. In this post, Vishwas Mudagal shares how he manages to strike this balance as a CEO. I was surprised by few comments addressing issues in hiring. Some...

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What is the best way to resign? | Career Advice

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Probably you just had a bad day at work or your manager just yelled at you for no mistake of yours… but does that mean you should resign? “I’m not happy with my job! No one understands me!¬† I Quit!” Is this what is running in your mind right now? What is the guarantee that the next job will not bring along problems of its own kind? In this post, Vishwas Mudagal shares some career advice on how you should tackle this situation with the right mind...

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Startup funding

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A must read article on funding rounds for startups from Y Combinator’s Paul Graham. I recommend this to all entrepreneurs looking to understand the gamut of funding.

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SiliconIndia interviews Vishwas on Castle Rock Research’s roadmap

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SiliconIndia recently profiled Castle Rock Research India operations and interviewed Vishwas Mudagal, CEO of Castle Rock Research India, about it’s India roadmap. For full coverage, follow the link to SiliconIndia website. Excerpts: Castle Rock Research India is a part of Castle Rock Research Corporation, a premier educational resource development company headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, offering print and digital educational resources in K-12 and higher education...

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Scrum Bangalore Kickoff Event – May 2010

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Although I will not be attending this Scrum Bangalore meet, I hope this event will be useful for Scrum and Agile enthusiasts. Do find information below on the agenda and venue. ** Announcing a new Meetup for Scrum Bangalore! What: Scrum Bangalore Kickoff Event’ 30th May 2010 When: Sunday, May 30, 2010 10:00 AM Where: Ramada Hotel #11, Park Road Near Indian Express, Bangalore +91 80 2286 5566 I welcome all Scrum/Agile Enthusiasts in Bangalore to join us at the Scrum...

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