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I was most fascinated with the prophecy of Kalki. The Puranas describe Kalki as the avatar who appears at the end of Kali Yuga. He is said to end the darkest, chaotic times of Kalyug and restart a new cycle of time.

In Hindu Mythology, the Trinity is all powerful. Bramha is the creator, Vishnu is the preserver and Shiva is the destroyer. The 9 avatars of Vishnu have been the most fascinating, deeply influencing the culture of India for thousands of years. Vishnu has been the preserver, but there are times when he manifests himself as the destroyer. Especially in the 10th avatar, Lord Kalki, he is bound to come to end the age of darkness or the Kali Yuga.


How I envisioned the Kalki Avatar

What fascinated me most about the Kalki Avatar is that he is a merciless leader and warrior who will show no mercy to enemies who are destroying the very fabric of human values and reigning terror. I decided to take on the challenge of bringing out Kalki in a way no one had ever thought about before. It was a monumental task but one I committed to pursue.

It is believed that Kalki Purana was written as a response to the barbaric invasions by the foreign invaders from Central Asia. These invaders were the Huns and Mongols. To end this brutal era, Vishnu had to appear on Earth to destroy the enemy and restore a pure way of life. This formed the basis of my story.


The Kalki Universe – An enchanting mix of characters

I first focused on creating a Kalyug in my book. For that, I needed a powerful enemy that is practically undefeatable. I created General Jian, a merciless cruel man who takes over the Chinese defense forces through a coup and becomes a dictator. I have also introduced an ancient mercenary cult called the Invisible Hand that is believed to have been created in the 12th century by Genghis Khan, the brutal and ruthless conqueror.

This cult has only one mission – they want to topple democracies and instate dictators and they won’t stop until they rule over every nation on the planet. But there had to be one man who had to rise and stop this apocalyptic war, and that hero is Kalki. He has to destroy everything before he rebuilds it.

In my book, the story is set in the near future and not in the past. Kalki is just as mortal as anyone of us, but he has painful origins. He is on a path of self-discovery to unlock his Godly powers before he becomes the Last and final Avatar. To defeat the powerful enemies, he has to bring back the Vanar Sena. But in this era of Science and Technology, how would he do that?

He creates machines in the form of Gods – I call these machines The Vanaroids. So the Last Avatar is about the choices Kalki makes in his life. Why does he want to become a vigilante and how he has to do the impossible to protect a country whose leadership has been wiped out by the Invisible Hand.

This is the universe of AGE OF KALKI. You have powerful villains and mercenary cults hell-bent on enslaving the world, on the other hand, you have superhuman soldiers that China has created. All this in the backdrop of a world war and terrorist attacks that are killing millions across the globe.

Kalki has to rise to end it all. How will he do it? The journey begins with the first book THE LAST AVATAR.

Watch the making of the book video to know more.

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