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A few months ago, a candidate was rejected by the interview panel in a telephonic interview at my company. The reason was absurd, to say the least!

He was taking help of another person and answering all the tech-related questions. Probably he thought he was on mute but the panel could hear everything.

Some time back, another candidate on a Skype video interview was googling & typing responses. I’m left wondering why is this happening and that is why in this blog post, I share some interview tips to help you get your desired job.

Interview Tips to ace job interviews

8 Interview Tips to help you succeed:

1. Perform an in-depth research about the company you are about to interview with. Spend time on their website and understand the vision of the company, their business model and the history of the founders.

2. Spend time on Quora and see if there are any related technology interview questions and draw some insights from others who have interviewed for the similar technology.

3. Refresh your technical know-how. Even the smallest details matter when you are interviewing at a company.

4. Make elaborate notes about your overall experience and also write down specific instances from your work life that demonstrated skills such as leadership, self-initiator, innovation, and problem-solving attitude. Companies love to hear how you have contributed to the growth of your team.

5. If you have performed some exceptional work on a project that is relevant to the position that you are interviewing for, make sure you articulate your achievements in a simple crisp manner.

6. Think about recommendations, solutions or innovative approaches that the company can implement to help them succeed.

7. Make sure your resume is updated and proof-read. You don’t want a poorly written resume to kill your chances of an interview.

8. Be honest. It is okay to say ‘NO’ to questions that you aren’t sure about. The key is to answer smartly, so take a minute to think through your answer.


Why honesty is the best policy in interviews

Always remember that an interview is a 2-way decision-making process used by both parties to see if there is a good fit.

Use this opportunity to understand how both will benefit by working together. If you are not honest with your employer, then the whole purpose of the interview is lost.

You’ll be setting yourself up for failure because soon people will understand your real strengths and capabilities.

Show your passion and thought-process in the interview. Don’t try to be someone else.

Hence, in my opinion, honesty and transparency are the best ways to deal with job interviews. Like I had mentioned earlier, companies are not looking for perfect answers or for people with an insanely high IQ.

They are looking for smart, well-rounded individuals who will genuinely help the company succeed. 

So, all the best for your interview and show the company the true rockstar traits that are hidden inside you!

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