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‘Nobody at office likes me, what should I do?’

First, you are not at office to please anyone. Period.

Although you are expected to be cordial with colleagues, you are not here to entertain them. You are not here to be their BFF. But if you are rude or harsh with people, then it’s a huge problem. Your conduct has to be within professional boundaries.

Be humble, it always works. Next, you are here to do your tasks with dedication & efficiency. Are you doing that? If YES, then you don’t have to bother about what others say or think about you. If NO, then you need to introspect.

Is your work related inefficiency bothering others? Is your laziness making the team work more? Then, it’s time to correct yourself. Further, you don’t have to compare yourself with others at office.

Be yourself, be original & dare to disagree. You never have to say YES to everything. Rather, analyze the situation, question the status quo & do the right thing. If people dislike you because you are radical, so be it. As long as you benefit the company, it’s justified.

Bottomline: Be so good in your work that there is a clear value addition. Be humble but be firm in your beliefs. Don’t build your career on likes/dislikes of others. Be the hero of your career, not a sidekick.

Hope this doze of career advice made your day!


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