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I’m noticing few influencers advising people not to use superlatives such as ‘visionary,’ ‘rockstar,’ etc. on their profile/tagline.

I disagree with this! I don’t see anything wrong with it. If you believe you are pretty damn good at something, you better flaunt it.

It takes guts to put those kinds of words on a huge public platform like Linkedin. For me, it shows confidence & ability to stand out with courage.

No one has the moral authority to tell you what to call yourself. You can describe yourself the way you want, as long as you feel strongly about it. The right to decide what you are & what you want to portray yourself is SOLELY up to YOU. Period.

Bottomline-Everyone is unique, our view of this world is unique. We cannot put chains on our expressions. If we get afraid to even put a few words on our profile, would we have the courage to actually achieve them? No!

We need people who can think freely, openly & not confine themselves with predefined slots such as engineer, manager, VP, etc. These are obsolete titles. We need visionaries, rockstars, creators & innovators! Where are these people? Why are we hiding them under boring titles? It’s time to bring them out in the open!

Hope this career advice helps you become more confident about your personality and skills.

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