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Let’s admit it we all have made bad decisions in the past which we regret and still cling on to it blaming ourselves for those past mistakes and sometimes blame their bad luck or others for what happened to them.

One such individual with a similar situation questioned, ‘ Vishwas, I have made bad decisions in my past. How do I correct them?’

Well, most people are stuck in the past or fixated on the future, but never live their present. They complain about their past, blame their bad luck or others for what happened to them. We forget that we cannot do anything about the past. We need to learn from the events/mistakes from our past & take the right decisions at the present because our future will depend on what we do RIGHT NOW! That’s how we can correct what we have done in our past.

I will quote an apt dialogue from my novel Losing My Religion. Alex Long, a carefree hippie, says- ‘Our past is glorious or screwed up or both. But who cares? Life ain’t about our past; it’s never been & will never be. You know how I roll, right . .not thinkin’ about my future & not givin’ a damn about my past. Or rather I accept my past. I neither rejoice nor mourn it. The sooner you get this, the better it’s gonna be for you.’

Bottomline-accept your past. Don’t forget it, but remember good times. If you make it sad, you’ll spoil it for you & everyone around you. Life is about being happy; so let go of your baggage, forgive your enemies & yourself. Every day is a new beginning. Smile & conquer the world.


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