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In a world where social media has become a medium of expression, you slowly start questioning the credibility of the information shared on it.

Imagine scrolling through pictures of your friends taking an exotic vacation while you are busy meeting deadlines at work. Slowly, you start questioning and comparing your life based on the illusions you see on social media. Without even realizing it, you seem to become negative about your own life and achievements just because you see some cool stuff shared by your friends on facebook or instagram.

You need to stop feeling this way!

In this short but thought provoking post, Vishwas shares how you can beat this negativity and give yourself a boost!

I often see people getting bogged down by what others are doing around them. Social media has further aggravated this problem; we are glued to what amazing things or what terrible things others are going through in real time. Serious anxiety problems arise out of it. Most people are getting restless. We are forced to behave in a certain way on social media to keep up appearances. All of a sudden, it feels like we are living a life just to impress others. We measure our self-esteem based on likes from people. This has to stop before it’s too late. Recently, one of the entrepreneurs I know took a terrible decision for his startup just because a competitor raised funds. Seeing crazy activity on social media ruined his confidence. Tell me, does it matter what others are doing or saying?

Why don’t we understand that what matters is our effort and confidence in our work! There is always someone bigger, richer or more famous out there. Don’t compare yourself with others and lose your peace of mind. Keep working on your objectives and ambitions with single-minded focus, and you will achieve them. Don’t bring negativity in your life by looking at others. You don’t know the truth about their life; social media is not real. It’s a fake world. Wake up! Don’t fall prey to it!


Stay positive and always remember that not all which glitters is gold 🙂

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