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The biggest obstacle you’ll ever have to overcome is the negative thought in your mind. If you overcome that then you can overcome anything.

Here is a story of two frogs that is an example of how to the teach yourself to follow the path of success.

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There was a group of frogs traveling through a jungle. Accidentally, 2 of them fell down in a pit. It seemed impossible for them to get out of it. While the 2 frogs tried to jump out of it & eventually tried climbing higher, the rest of the frogs kept yelling at them that it’s impossible to make it out. ‘You will fall to death! Don’t try!’ they yelled One of the frogs took heed & stopped trying. It fell down & died. The other one kept going, jumping higher & higher. No matter how much everyone cautioned & discouraged him, he didn’t listen to anyone. Finally, he made it out of the dangerous pit. Everyone was stunned. ‘Didn’t you hear us? You could have died!’ said the rest. But then they realized the frog had momentarily turned deaf after falling down. He thought they were cheering him to jump out of it.

Bottomline-In life, there are always people who will tell you why you won’t succeed, why you shouldn’t or can’t take risks. If you listen to them, you will never achieve anything meaningful in your life. You need to turn a deaf ear towards them & keep going on the path you have chosen. Soon, all those negative voices will turn into cheers. Eventually, you will succeed.

Don’t let anyone pull you down or inject negatives thoughts in your mind. Believe, trust and tell yourself that you will succeed.

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