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In this post, Vishwas discusses the stand of society on the gender bias and why girls should be treated equally with bys right from their childhood.

‘They said girls cannot do what boys can do,’ told the little girl who studies in grade 2. It was a staring competition where opponents stare at each other’s eyes. Whoever blinks first loses. A boy passed this remark that girls cannot do it.

She was hurt. Worse, she was confused. ‘Why did that boy say that?’ she asked her parents, who had done everything since her birth to make her understand girls & boys are equal in every aspect in life. They took it up with the school teacher & the teacher made students understand how we are born equal & remain equal. She made the boy apologize to her. It was a lesson learnt that no one can undermine her because she is a girl, ever again.

This happened to a girl in my neighbourhood. I have seen it happen often in many situations. It’s outrageous. No one can tell our daughters that they are less capable than our sons. They would grow up thinking it’s true & you cannot change it later. This has to stop!

But how do we stop it? Glimpses of bias exist everywhere.

Home, school, tv, etc.  We as a society have to take a conscious decision to correct the way we bring up our children, both girls & boys. We are born equal. Period. Reinforce this again & again till it gets into their bones.


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