Why you should hire people better than you | Hiring Advice

Posted by on Apr 9, 2018 in Business, Hiring Advice

‘We have a new team member & she is brilliant. I’m worried my manager will start comparing me to her. What if my ratings go down?’ Well, it’s only human to get threatened initially. But if you view this new development in the right perspective, all your worries would vanish. The truth is if you rub shoulders with outstanding folks, you get to learn a ton from them & become as good as them. Else with bad hires, you end up picking up their...

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60-80 hours work week means nothing if you LOVE your work!

Posted by on Apr 9, 2018 in Business, Motivational Videos

Often people ask me how I manage to find time to wear so many hats – entrepreneur, CEO, novelist, motivational speaker, angel investor and most importantly a family guy! Well, you will be surprised by this simple answer–I really ‘work hard!’ Yes, there is no rocket science here! You might be damn good at something, but unless you put in a lot of effort you won’t be able to accomplish much. In this new segment on #AskVishwas Show called Honest...

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Don’t compromise on Quality because of Negotiations | Business Advice

Posted by on Apr 9, 2018 in Business

During a trip to Kovalam beach in Kerala, I saw a coconut vendor in midst of a busy crowd. It was a humid day & having tender coconut water seemed like the right thing to do. I saw a few customers bargaining for coconut. Although the vendor politely told them prices are non-negotiable, they kept insisting nevertheless. He gave up & agreed to a discounted price. When it came to my turn, the vendor said ‘Sir, please fixed price.’ I never negotiate with...

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5 Steps to create a Winning Team for your Company | Motivational Video

Posted by on Mar 2, 2018 in Business, Motivational Videos

What does it take to build a great team? Should you choose Attitude or should you choose Skills? Remember, the first 2 hires will go on to define the culture and the DNA of your company. In the 7th episode of the #AskVishwas Show, Vishwas Mudagal tells you how to build a winning team for your company in 5 simple steps!   We all want a rockstar team onboard our company who can help the company grow in terms of innovation and revenue. While you may look at many factors,...

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Starting a Business with your Friend?| Motivational Video

Posted by on Mar 2, 2018 in Business, Career Advice, Motivation, Motivational Videos

Well, it’s a double-edged sword. Pros:  You can trust your friends. Business requires trust & comfort to work with. Remember ‘a known devil is better than an unknown angel!’ Many startups fail when cofounders fight or don’t align their thought processes. Having a friend who you already understand works well. Not to mention, it’s fun to have friends in your startup journey. If you don’t enjoy your journey, then there is no point. Cons:...

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How George Clooney turned his Idea into a $1 Billion Company | Motivational Video

Posted by on Feb 23, 2018 in Business, Entrepreneurship

For 9 years, George Clooney didn’t know that a simple idea would one day become a $1 billion dollar company. Watch the 5th episode of #AskVishwas Show on several examples of how successful companies were started. Is there a set formula to come up with a winning idea for your startup? Or is it just accidental? This talk was in response to Indraneel Majumdar’s question on ‘What clicks between the co-founders to create a winning company? Is it the idea itself or is...

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