Money Matters

Posted by on Aug 9, 2017 in Business

Money is a crucial component in the workforce but is it really worth accepting a job that you are not passionate about, simply because it pays more? Read more about Vishwas Mudagal’s views on how money is affecting the job market. Money is important while choosing a job offer. But is it the most critical aspect? It’s rather shocking to see professionals accepting offers just because someone offered Rs.20,000-30,000 ($400-500) per annum extra. This happens...

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What’s the deal with the “no-show” culture?

Posted by on Aug 4, 2017 in Business, Motivation

This phenomenon is the grown up response alternative to ‘The dog ate my homework’. Clouding up the transparency that exists in the workplace, this trend is disrupting the values of professionalism. Read more about Vishwas Mudagal’s opinion on how this trend could negatively impact the job market. “The ‘no-show’ culture has become a dangerous trend. You make job offers to people and are expecting them to be onboard for critical projects. They promise...

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The Power of saying “No”

Posted by on Jul 26, 2017 in Business, Motivation

“No”-A one syllable word that affects millions across the globe. Recently, Vishwas Mudagal shared the importance of this two-letter word in the workforce. People always underestimate the importance of saying ‘No.’ It’s a powerful word & showcases your courage & conviction in the values you believe in. You cannot be saying ‘Yes’ to everything anyone is going to ask you. I have seen this problem with so many people & companies. ‘Can you get this job...

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Why Entrepreneurs need to embrace their failures

Posted by on Jul 24, 2017 in Business, Entrepreneurship, News

“The mentality where failures should be accepted has to come into the Indian society. Risk will always be there in whatever you do and more so as an Entrepreneur, but we need to start embracing our failures,” says Vishwas Mudagal, CEO and co-founder of GoodWorksLabs and Author of the book Losing my Religion. Watch the talk at Entrepreneur India...

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Vishwas Mudagal keynote speaker at IIT Indore E-Week 2016

Posted by on Feb 2, 2016 in Business, Entrepreneurship, News

No1. Best-selling author, serial entrepreneur and motivational speaker Vishwas Mudagal delivered a mesmerising keynote speech at IIT Indore Entrepreneurship Week 2016. Being a successful entrepreneur and CEO of GoodWorkLabs, he spoke about the nuances of entrepreneurship, the ups and downs of an entrepreneur, tips on how to start a venture and be successful, how to raise funds, and so on....

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Vishwas Mudagal inaugurates E-Summit 2016 at RVCE Bangalore

Posted by on Jan 24, 2016 in Books, Business, Entrepreneurship, News

No.1 best-selling author and entrepreneur Vishwas Mudagal inaugurated the Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 at RV College of Engineering, one of the most prestigious engineering college in India. Being an alumnus of RVCE, Vishwas shared his journey with students and encouraged them to take the path less travelled – that is entrepreneurship. Excerpts from his speech – “The last time I was at my college RVCE was when I graduated in 2003, and after almost 13 years...

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