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When you grow in the leadership role, you are most likely to face two situations – either you tend to lose ground level reality of what is happening at work or you hold on too tightly to every single issue.

But sometimes, it is necessary to get your hands on solving certain issues irrespective of your designation. In this post, Vishwas Mudagal shares how he manages to strike this balance as a CEO.

I was surprised by few comments addressing issues in hiring. Some people asked me ‘Being a CEO, why are you interviewing software engineers?’ ‘Why are you micro-managing recruitment?’

I will answer this question in the simplest of words. There are two things that are absolutely essential to be a successful CEO.

One–you have to be a great salesman. You cannot have an army of sales folks & ask them to get you business. It won’t work, unless you are in forefront & lead by example.

Second–you have to create a great DNA for the company. DNA/culture is set by people who you hire. The future of your company depends on each one of those people you choose to work with. So, any CEO who gives a cold shoulder towards recruitment is bound to be doomed.

That’s the reason why me & my co-founder insist on taking almost 80-90% of final level interviews. This is more so to eliminate ‘cultural misfits.’ This holds good even at senior managerial level. I see many losing touch with ground level reality. When that happens, they tend to lose grip over their departments. The key is to be involved in recruitment. Don’t consider it to be beneath your dignity. That’s the hard truth.

Do you think leadership should be involved in hiring? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

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