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We have a new team member & she is brilliant. I’m worried my manager will start comparing me to her. What if my ratings go down?’

Well, it’s only human to get threatened initially. But if you view this new development in the right perspective, all your worries would vanish. The truth is if you rub shoulders with outstanding folks, you get to learn a ton from them & become as good as them.

Else with bad hires, you end up picking up their slack & learning nothing. So, this is a great learning opportunity for you. Be happy!

Next, you need to create a winning team. Ultimately, your future, appraisals & job security will all be linked to your company’s performance. If you have A players in your team, your team & you will be the most rewarded. Moreover, it’s a culture thing.

Remember, birds of the same feather flock together. So, ace performers always look to hire other ace performers. Best hiring philosophy-always hire people who are smarter than you.

Sensible managers would never compare you with others. What they hate is blame game if there is poor performance. They love when the team performs beyond expectation. There is only one way to do that–hire people better than you.

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