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Schooling in India has seen a sea of change in last few years. Right from brick and mortar infrastructure to infusion of technology in classrooms, virtualization of education is constantly on rise. In metros and in most of the big cities, a small percentage of parents are beginning to refrain from sending their children to schools as they prefer teaching kids at home or by the help of tutors. Parents’ off late seem dispassionate about the conventional schooling system and hence prefer to switch to alternative methods of education.

Various reasons contribute to their decision to freeze down to homeschooling format. Shortcomings in public education,  cost of private schools, poor learning environment, religious beliefs and the introduction of  new nationwide standards of uniform curriculum and more testing, which ignores the plight of children with special needs, whether they are gifted or learning disabled or merely eccentric.

Although homeschooling is a modern way to teaching and mentoring, its roots go back to 80’s when internet or online help or availability of information was not easily available. In recent times, homeschooling is gaining popularity as many online curriculum companies have started to provide tailored curriculum, assessments and evaluation methods to homeschooling parents. Personalized learning has become way easier with handy information along with varied philosophies and methods being developed rapidly.

Parents and tutors at home use various methodologies like Classical Education Method, Montessori Method, Unit Studies Approach, Un-schooling or Natural Learning Method, or Waldorf Education Method where the education is based on the spiritual-scientific research.

There are various online forums where the parents interact and teach children by themselves or assign tutors. Home co-ops are another way where parents and children get together for fun and learning activities. They also exchange knowledge and sharing of skill sets happens on regular basis.

The concept of homeschooling highlights the most important concern regarding social skills. Parents try to advocate social skills in their children through various teaching them in different settings. Examples are set around them and the mode of learning is through observing the behavior under parental guidance. Parents become ideal mentors for molding social skills and provide children with opportunities to showcase the same in appropriate situations.

Parents often create their own curriculum, based upon their own educational philosophies, goals, and objectives. These objectives are then weaved into daily lessons across various missions and goals such as reading, writing, math, science and social studies. There could be various reasons for the same and the rise of homeschooling system. Learning in freedom is the most significant aspect.

However, making a Homeschooling decision may not be easy. It requires parents to work on their schedule, finances and especially commitment. However, there many who are still going for the same could be simply because of the freedom their child experience while learning at his own pace.

Parents also believe that home is the heart of child’s education and parents can be the best natural teachers. Parents also increasingly want learning to be fun as children will remember and retain more.

There are various e-learning companies that have mushroomed with online- curriculum aligned content. However, India being a diverse emerging market for homeschooling, there are very few solutions who fits perfectly into the niche requirement of homeschooling and personalized learning.

SOLARO is one of them as it provides assessments on demand so students can take tests and get full detailed solutions. Remediation is instant.

SOLARO also links the student to the exact lesson that teaches the concept the assessment question was assessing. It is a more student-centric solution as students get individualized attention from teachers and get personalized learning and remediation.

The introduction of tablets is a boon along with products like SOLARO that gives learning, tests, tools, assignments and remediation to student anywhere, anytime. Students need to study and test themselves at the comfort of their home to master concepts and ace the
exams and SOLARO provides this.

The content on such solutions is 100% curriculum specific and makes it very result driven study. Children are connected to the teachers/tutors/parents and hence tutor intervention to improve areas of weakness or reward high performance is possible.

Hence, SOLARO is gaining increased popularity as a next step in technology adoption for schools, home schooling and personalized learning not only in India but globally with its proven track record for helping students learn and succeed.



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