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Every budding Entrepreneur or Startup enthusiast has only one question – What is the key to building a successful B2B product? Before you start thinking along the lines of innovation, dive in deep into understanding customer pain points at a ground level

In this post, Vishwas Mudagal, a serial entrepreneur himself, shares some insightful business advice on how you can master the art of building a successful B2B product.

The best way to build a B2B product once you have studied a particular industry segment is to acquire a pilot customer.

For e.g. it could be a SaaS-based software to run schools, restaurants or provide analytics to a hospital chain. You cannot build a software for a clinic or school without understanding the nitty-gritty at ground level.

Products are not built with your whims & fancies, but they are built with real user scenarios & feedback. Getting your first customer is the key.

One successful SaaS product CEO told me he offered his product to a pilot customer for free for a year. He used this 1 year to make his product efficient, usable & iron out all deployment issues.

Next, he went to 3 other customers & showcased how customer no.1 was using it. Being impressed, new clients signed up & were ready to pay for it.He went on to sell it to 100s of clients later on.

Bottomline-Be practical & grounded to understand customer pain points before you solve them. Of course, a fresh perspective is needed to disrupt a segment, but understanding ground-level dynamics is equally important.

Your first few clients are your ticket to success!


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