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pexels-photo-477230Innovation is a driving agent in society today.

Recently, Vishwas Mudagal offered his take on one of the most popular questions:  ‘How to innovate?’

In one of my talks at a college, a student asked me, ‘People keep talking about innovation. But tell me how do we innovate?’ Over the years, this fundamental question has been raised several times. Here’s my take-

To innovate the first thing one needs to do is question the ‘status quo.’ This is the simple rule–ask questions. If you don’t question why certain things are built in certain ways, you won’t be able to think out-of-the-box to change the norm. Innovation is always about changing or disrupting the status quo. So, no matter what you are trying to accomplish, ask ‘why?’

For e.g. if you are designing a car, ask why the wheels are required. Can we do a car without wheels? People might laugh at you, but remember it is the crazies who change the world. Ask fundamental questions that people think are too stupid to be asked. Uber is a great model of disruption, it questioned the way we looked at car industry since the beginning. Netflix did that for the entertainment industry. You can do it for your industry. Be relentless in your quest for answers, then look at how to reimagine your entire business process/tech & rewrite the rules. You might fail 99 times, but you will succeed the 100th time!

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