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“No”-A one syllable word that affects millions across the globe.

Recently, Vishwas Mudagal shared the importance of this two-letter word in the workforce.

People always underestimate the importance of saying ‘No.’ It’s a powerful word & showcases your courage & conviction in the values you believe in. You cannot be saying ‘Yes’ to everything anyone is going to ask you.

I have seen this problem with so many people & companies. ‘Can you get this job done by this weekend?’ & the answer would be a 110% yes. Come Monday & the task would be incomplete. ‘Why then did you commit?’ There would be no concrete answer & as a result, the entire company fails to complete a job. Had the client been informed of potential issues/possible slippages, they would have mitigated risks by other means.Communication is key. Bad news needs to be told first.

Communicate risks, no matter how small. Call spade a spade. At the same time, have a positive attitude & explore all possible ways of taking up the opportunity. Because if you say ‘No’ to opportunities when in reality you can achieve them, you would be the biggest loser.

Bottomline, think before you say ‘Yes.’ It’s okay to say ‘No.’ You won’t lose clients by saying ‘No,’ but rather earn their respect by standing up for your values & beliefs. Remember, you are not slaves to say ‘Yes’ to everything. You will not compromise your core integrity & your professional values to please anyone. Period.


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