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Top 5 things to consider when accepting a job offer – No, salary is not the only thing you look for while choosing your next job! That’s a terrible thing to do. You might end up miserable if you don’t evaluate your next opportunity in a holistic way.
1. People – This is the most critical thing. Who are you going to work with? How are your colleagues, manager, HR? Can you align with them in terms of expectations & objectives?
2. Work quality & growth prospects – How will this job help you get to the next level? What will be your career progression here?
3. Salary & benefits – Yes, this is important. It’s one of the ingredients. Not the dish itself.
4. Work culture & environment – You need a place where you are happy & can excel, not just work & earn money. What is life without contentment & fun?
5. Stability – No matter what, financial stability of the company is critical. Even if it’s a startup, have clear understanding of funding & weigh in the risks. Above all, listen to your inner voice. Do you really feel like working here? Did you get a positive vibe during your interview process? Your gut will tell you YES or NO.

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