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Recently, an acquaintance of mine bought a car that was owned by a doctor. He paid a premium because it was a doctor owned car.


My father is a doctor & I know that everything that is doctor owned has a high resale value. As a doctor kid, I was always proud of this. But now I wonder why the society doesn’t give the same respect to other professions.


A businessman doesn’t save lives like a doctor, but he/she generates employment that inturn provides for families. In short, it runs lives. So why does society think about entrepreneurs/wealth creators in a negative way? Like everyone is a fraud?


A farmer grows grains & pulses that run people’s stomachs, which is so critical. The same way an engineer, a politician, a policeman, a mechanic–all these people play crucial functions in the ecosystem. Then why not respect everyone?


I don’t have anything against doctors. But I’m against division of the society by labour. The deep rooted social stigma has still not left us.


The next time, before you judge someone based on their profession, think twice & don’t pronounce the judgement. Respect everyone, for each one of us is playing a dignified part.


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