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Games stimulate education learning. This belief has started to play a significant role in fulfilling educational purposes as they are designed to teach students subjects, culture and understand events, and help them to learn a skill while they play and have fun.

Advancements in technology has introduced Game based learning in the market with applications designed with defined learning outcomes. Such games test the ability of the player and enable them to apply subject matter to their real life situations.

Schools have started to introduce computer based games as they serve educational value. They also develop child’s strategic thinking and planning skills. Parents and teachers have observed tremendous improvement in their child’s reading spelling and calculation abilities as well. Games induce team playing and group work skills as kids prefer playing games in groups or with partners.

The Game industry today build scenarios to promote real life experience learning which are proven to be more useful than text book learning as they are more challenging and engaging. Games can break down complex tasks, guiding players through a series of small steps.

Also games can match the pace of individual learner. Creating hypothesis of the situation presented in the game at each stage and experimenting to resolve the same is a significant stimulus for creative learning and problem solving capabilities. Students who involve themselves into educational video games are known to outperform others especially in critical thinking tasks.

However, such educational games have still not found a place in national curriculum which forbids the use of such stimulus during the class room learning. There is still a debate on the foundation on which these educational game models are built on. In addition, mentors fear the child’s excess involvement in indoor activities with the surge of educational games in day to day life.

In nutshell, educational games are a great way of getting people to learn and to enjoy learning. The dearth of quality educational games and the ability of teachers to identify them and merge them into day to day teachings is a challenge.

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