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Is it the power of profound knowledge that makes a CEO successful? And just because you are successful, does it mean that you start to lose the ground reality of things?

The #1 rule of being a successful entrepreneur today is to be easily approachable – by your employees and your customers. Listen to what the market is constantly talking about! Be one with the company, don’t let the ‘CEO’ tag get to your head and detach you from the basics of business.

In this post, Vishwas Mudagal shares the secret to being a successful CEO in today’s time!

We got a call on our sales number.

‘Hello, I need help with building technology & mobile app for my new startup,’ said the caller.

‘Sure, you have reached the right folks,’ I said.

Even before I could introduce myself, she asked ‘Who am I speaking to?’ ‘I’m Vishwas, the CEO of GoodWorkLabs. We can help you out!’

She was surprised! ‘I had no idea reaching you would be so easy!’ she said. ‘I follow you on social media & wanted to speak with you!’

‘Well yes, I try to take as many sales calls as possible but it’s getting difficult,’ I replied. We then discussed about her product & I advised her on how to build her MVP.

We agreed to catch up in person next week. Before she hung up, she asked ‘Vishwas, why is a super busy CEO like you, answering the sales calls? Don’t you have sales folks? I’m curious.’

I told her ‘The secret of a successful CEO is to directly listen to the end customers. The more grounded you are, the more realistic your strategy & execution is. The day you lose touch with reality, you are toast! Sure, we have sales folks. But a CEO’s top priority is sales.

So, when you startup, make sure you take as many sales calls/meetings as possible. Never shy away from it. For this is the path to build a successful company!

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