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In this post, Vishwas shares a few secrets about his success as a writer. He advises young authors about the intricacies of being a writer.

A journalist recently asked me ‘What is the best advice on writing that you’ve ever received?’ Many people have further asked me ‘How to pen a best-selling novel?’

Well, no one has given me any formal training in writing or storytelling. I evolved it on my own & to a large extent no one guided me until I had finished few versions of my book. (I have written 150+ drafts & 14 versions of my novel ‘Losing My Religion’ in 5 years!)

But I remember one advice without which I wouldn’t have become a writer. It was Sean Connery’s character William Forrester in the movie Finding Forrester. This was the advice – “No thinking – that comes later. You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is… to write, not to think!”

You won’t believe these lines shaped me as a writer like nothing else has.

Another principle I adopted on my own—I’m the writer & I’m the reader. I will write to entertain me as an audience; everyone else comes later. This gives me a comfort zone in my mind to write what I really want & not come under pressure to please anyone.

I have followed this principle in everything I do. I do things that are close to my heart and I don’t do it to please anyone. That is the key to experience joy and success together!

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