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Probably you just had a bad day at work or your manager just yelled at you for no mistake of yours… but does that mean you should resign?

“I’m not happy with my job! No one understands me!  I Quit!”

Is this what is running in your mind right now? What is the guarantee that the next job will not bring along problems of its own kind? In this post, Vishwas Mudagal shares some career advice on how you should tackle this situation with the right mind set..

Few people have asked me a critical question-

‘Should I resign before securing another job offer?’

‘I want to resign but I don’t have any offer in my hand. What should I do?’

I will answer these questions in a very practical way. No matter what, quitting your job without another offer in hand is a bad decision. You will be foolish to risk your financial condition & professional growth if you act hastily based on emotions. Some people take insults/feedback/rumours at workplace seriously & put down their papers. Only to realise another job would take them months to secure.

Worse, they never get jobs that really suit them. So instead of taking you to the next level in your career, your decision would take you down. More importantly, here’s something you should do.

Before even thinking of quitting, talk to your manager/HR. The problem with most employees is that they feel quitting is the only solution. Well, they are wrong. You can talk with folks about what is bothering you. Discuss what can be done to change things positively.

Trust me, any good manager/leader would definitely try to help. Next, even after all these discussions, if things don’t improve–you can look out for a job & resign only after you have secured a good offer.


Have you ever felt stuck in such a dilemma? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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