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In the previous post, Vishwas talked extensively about the power of networking. However, many people do not understand that networking alone does not guarantee success. In this post, he talks about the other aspects as well.

‘I have a ton of connections, but nothing came out of it,’ read one message. ‘People only talk but no one really helps you,’ read another. I received many messages yesterday telling me how their network never paid off. This was in response to my post on the merits of networking.

Truth be said, a good network alone doesn’t guarantee you success. What guarantees you success is how you utilize your network!

Let me explain with an example. I have known a cook who worked in many houses. Soon he started a fish business because he figured out a way to sell directly to homes he & his network were working as cooks. He was smart not because he was working in good households but because he thought of tapping the potential.

Next, don’t expect people to go out of the way to help you. For eg, you want a job & ask someone in your network at an MNC to hire you. There are hundreds of jobs at that MNC, but all he/she can do is just refer/recommend you. Networking doesn’t mean they will put a gun on someone’s head & get you a job!

So basically you can use your network to maximise your chances of succeeding. But a network in itself won’t guarantee you 100% surety.

Networking opens up a world of possibilities & opportunities for you. But YOU need to open up your mind to tap into it.


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