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You must take into account that your employer may be surprised or upset at you leaving, not to mention the possible headaches in replacing you that this may cause. Although the last thing that they will want is an uncommitted employee staying around too long, this must also be balanced on not leaving a team understaffed.  In this post, the critical aspects of your behavior during your notice period.


How you conduct yourself after you resign from an organization shows who you really are. I have seen many professionals over the years becoming careless, neglecting their work, talking ill about colleagues, disrespecting the company & wearing the ‘who cares’ attitude in their notice period.

This is very wrong. It’s a misconception that you are done with your current organization the minute you put down your papers. On the contrary, after resignation you must be extra hardworking, helpful & vigilant. Let me explain why.

Humans have a tendency to remember the climax more than the beginning or middle of a story. The feel good factor comes from the ending.

People will remember you for what you do during your notice period. So,  be yourself. Don’t change. Better, work harder to help everyone. The best colleagues I remember are those who left on good terms, they continue to be my friends till date. I always try to work with them again.

Remember, this is a small world. You will cross paths again. So, don’t burn bridges.

Bottomline: All is well that ends well. Always walk out with your head held high. Be remembered as a true professional or a great company. Holds true for both professionals & companies.




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