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Career breaks do not need to be career enders. In fact, there are many out there who are thriving in their “second act.” A good career break takes some planning and a successful reentry takes determination. In this post, Vishwas talks about how taking a career break is not a sin.

Taking a career break or sabbatical is not a sin. The culture of looking down on people with career gaps should stop. Period.

Many have asked me to write about this topic, for they are facing discrimination inspite of having genuine reasons to take a break. This is unfortunate. What we should assess is the capability, skill & attitude of candidates rather than rejecting them because of gaps.

Should we just work till we retire? Should there be nothing else in life apart from earning salaries & leading a dull life? Why should we frown upon people who want to go on an uncharted journey, to work at an NGO, to act in theatre or to live in the wild? You should be appreciating their guts to follow their dreams.

Why can’t people quit to take care of their children/family when in need? It’s the most humane thing to do, no?

Let’s not set a culture where we tell people how to live. Let everyone be free to tell in interviews that they took a break for a reason. There is nothing wrong. Tell them to judge you on the skills required for the job, that’s what really matters right?

For all hiring managers/recruiters-next time you see someone with a gap. Don’t just reject their resumes. Understand why? Respect their choices in life.



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