Why it is necessary to stay relevant in the Workforce

Posted by on Apr 27, 2017 in Motivation

Do you still think that number of years of experience is a reflection of your abilities and knowledge? Unfortunately, the job market today gives importance to professionals who are enthusiastic and have a “get-things-done” attitude. Years of experience don’t matter much in comparison to an individuals energy and passion for his career. This sudden shift in the hiring attitude has caused some tension in the middle management positions of most companies....

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How to stay motivated when you get fired!

Posted by on Apr 25, 2017 in Motivation

There has been so much chaos after tech giants such as Wipro, Cognizant and many others announced mass layoff of employees for lean management and cost cutting measures. Losing a job can be traumatic and very devastating for an individual. Imagine drowning in a well of financial worries such as house loans, education loans, supporting a family etc. It is natural to feel sad and dejected, but is this the way to deal with this unfortunate situation? Vishwas Mudagal, a well...

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