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After appraisal, he took the hike & got another offer. I gave him another hike to match his other offer. He further negotiated with this other company & got another hike from them. How do I deal with this situation?’ – I received this question from a startup entrepreneur.

‘Does he understand the roadmap of your company & his career growth?’ I asked.

‘Yes, he does. But I think his primary motive right now is salary.’

‘There is nothing wrong in wanting to earn more salary,’ I said.

‘Nothing wrong? What he is doing right now is not good,’ he hit back.

‘It might seem so. But this is a free world, employees have a right to choose which company is offering the best & take it up. The right way to retain talent is a combination of growth prospect, cutting-edge work, good work culture & good salary. In spite of all this, if an employee wants to shift, there is nothing you can do. It’s better to part ways in good terms.’

Bottomline: There is nothing right or wrong here. It’s a free market that self-regulates salaries according to demand/supply of skills. But one thing is for sure both companies & employees have to work together for a long-term by arriving at a win-win to reap benefits for each other.

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