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We all have a dream job that we want to get into at some point in life. Although most of us aspire to work for Tech Giants such as Google, Apple, Microsoft or for the Big Accounting 4s such as Deloitte, KPMG, Earnst & Young (EY), and Price Water Coopers (PWC), not all of us get lucky in the first shot.

Your first job is very crucial to the success of your career.

Just recently, a fresher reached out to me for job advice – ” I got a call from a recruiter who was offering me a job for a web developer position. But I turned it down because I wanted a Software Engineer position. Did I do the right thing?”

Now, the situation gets a little more tricky. When I asked her if she had enquired about the JD and the company’s credibility, she hadn’t. She was mentally closed to the idea and so didn’t probe much into further details.

How many of you’ll have ended up in the same position?

Job tips for freshers and professionals

3 Job Tips for Freshers & Professionals

In this article, I want to share  some job tips for freshers and professionals & also some interview tips to help you make the right career decision:

1. Research about the company:

Most candidates miss out on this important aspect while looking for a new job. Spend good time researching about the company, the kind of work they do, the applications they build, their clients and awards. All these details are important as it helps you make a holistic decision.

Don’t just look if the company is a Startup or an MNC – see if the company has an opportunity to grow and become big. Are they working on futuristic technologies that will give a boost to your career?

All these details are important in making a sound decision.

2. Ask for the Job description (JD)

Get as much clarity as possible on the job description. Don’t just go by the titles of jobs. Each company has different hierarchy levels, but what matters is the nature of the job that you will be appointed for.

In the above situation, the candidate turned down the offer of a web developer without enquiring about the job description. What if the web developer position had been on React frontend or Node backend? These two technologies are currently super hot in the market and because of your negligence, you end up with a lost opportunity.

3. Connect with employees on LinkedIn

Networking has been the buzzword, but how many of us actually end up doing it the right way?

Use LinkedIn to actually build connections and not just to ask for favors. Connect with employees of the company on LinkedIn and get an inside perspective on what it is to work for the company. Get details on the kind of projects they work on, how the management style is, the growth and career prospects in the company.

So, do yourself a favor, proactively research about the company that you are applying for. Ask as many questions as possible from the recruiter or hiring manager and get clarity on the role.

If you can spend hours searching for the best deals for your vacations or smartphones, you can definitely invest more time and effort into your job search too.

Everything you plan to build depends on your next move. So be wise and take an informed decision.


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